10 color Inspiration Secrets Only Designers Know About

Color in the design world is truly the most important tool for conveying the image and appearance of any product. Creative people and designers from all over the world pay a lot of attention to the colors, as they understand that the success of the project can depend on the organic nature and even the correctness of the chosen colors. In case of a failed choice, the color can play a cruel joke – an incorrect or unrealistic image, dissonance or even a spectrum of negative emotions caused by color will not bring any result. 

Now we have endless possibilities in the choice of colors, shades and combinations, we can use many channels for inspiration, and the palette of colors has replenished and increased at times from the past. Is it worth using new opportunities in the design world? Definitely yes!

In turn, a correctly selected combination of colors and shades can help any brand become famous and recognizable all over the world, cause associative reactions and simply inspire! This is what we are trying to achieve, so this article will tell you more about the possibilities of different colors, how to select them, and what secrets are used by experts all over the world. 

Find inspiration around you

This recipe for choosing the perfect color and shade came to us from colleagues – the world of photography. Not surprisingly, nature itself gives us the most impressive colors – it generates them in incredible crimson sunsets, in the brightness of foliage or in the faded fog above the water. These little things are worth noticing on every step, and you will see a limitless palette of colors, why not use it for your design projects? 

Walking through the park, passing by the lake, do not be too lazy to take photos of all the beauty that you see. Shoot up close, focus on the color directly and your collection of shades will be replenished with new examples. This recommendation can be implemented every day, and it absolutely does not require extra efforts. No wonder people say: beauty is in the details.

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Use a color wheel

The following method will help you generate the perfect palette of colors. It is more technical and artificial than the previous one, but it has been working great for many years. There are special color wheels on which the colors are located “in the neighborhood”: using this logic, you can easily take two or three shades that are staying nearby and create a perfect combination of them in your work.

This method also does not require a lot of time and energy, and using color wheels is simple and understandable for everyone. Check out the best combinations now and choose the ones that suit you.

Borrow ideas from interior design

Another great place to get color picking inspiration is in interior design. Here, the color already goes into a deeper concept: it is important to take into account the volume of space, the perspective and location of objects, the texture of the material, and much more. A look from the outside at such design projects can open new boundaries for you in the graphic use of colors and combinations.

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If you are attentive, then most likely you will notice the amount of one or another shade in the general group of colors: the predominant color most often occupies about 60% of the space, the secondary one will weigh about 30%, and the remaining 10% go to color accents. This scheme is perfectly applied in creating digital objects, try it yourself.

Color mood boards as a great way to create palettes

Here’s another helpful tip on how to generate color combinations. In order to better visualize all the unique shades you find and better represent them together, create special color boards. By superimposing one color next to another, you may accidentally discover incredible color combinations. 

This method is also convenient because you do not need to look far for inspiration: place such a board near your workplace or where you will most often see it – looking at these copies every day, you will discover something new for yourself every day and interesting.

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Use ready-made color palettes

 And here we will talk about an improved version of the color wheel. If the first one includes only 12 squares with primary colors, then this palette gradient displays all possible shades of any color! Most graphic editors have such a useful thing in their arsenal, so by smoothly moving the cursor along the palette you can find exactly what you have been looking for!

This is a good and convenient way to select a shade. If you already have several primary colors that you are going to play around and all that remains is to clarify the shade – this is the best way to do this.

Bring in colors from the arts

Absolutely not ashamed to be inspired by other people’s creativity. Art was created in order to be inspired and generate new art. Thus, revising the paintings of artists of different generations and centuries, we can draw on what was so lacking in our time. Perhaps that is why it is believed that fashion is cyclical: some colors that are relevant now were also relevant in the days of Picasso or Salvador Dali.

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Pick up not more than three or four colors

You should not overload the image with a lot of different colors, unless, of course, this is the idea of ​​the project. But, as practice shows, human eyes perfectly perceive a combination of three or four colors, but no more. Otherwise, you run the risk of resembling a rainbow in all its forms. Conciseness and consistency is not only a modern trend, but also a physiological aspect of color perception.

As mentioned earlier, choose one main color around which the entire further spectrum will be built, add a compliment color to it and dilute with bright colors where appropriate. This is a universal recipe for any creativity.

Match color to your topic

 Matching color and meaning is more important than ever in design. Be sure to think through the concept from start to finish. At the moment when you are just deciding on the basic colors, use the following logic:

  1. Think about what your theme associates with?
  2. What colors do the objects of association have?
  3. What mood does the theme convey: light, joyful or more laconic, restrained?
  4. What is your first impression of the topic?
  5. Add intuitive selection

These steps will help you determine the mood and vibe of the project, give impetus to the right choice and help you decide on the palette without a doubt.

Use online sources for inspiration

It is also a good and useful idea to use the help of special ideological sites-inspiration. Platforms such as Pinterest, Canva, Design Bundles offer you a great space with different inspirational ideas. In particular, best Design Bundles deals provide really tons of useful materials and resources for creativity – just check and you will be impressed.

Do not worry that what you want to use has already been somewhere: any rethought and passed through the prism of your own vision is already new and fresh. So inspiration can be drawn from whatever resources are available online. Follow new trends, fashions and trends of the seasons.

Join the color lovers communities

In addition to the general agglomerates of creativity and art and famous sites, there are also special communities of color lovers. There people can share with each other their favorite combinations, give advice and help with the selection of colors for your projects. This interaction enriches creativity and helps projects to unfold in a symbiosis of different ideas.

These simple tips can make your life easier and make the creation process even more enjoyable and informed. The main thing that you must understand is that your openness to the world is a guarantee that you will draw inspiration from everywhere. Starting from what is around you now, ending with the trends of ancient times. Colors fill our life and make it brighter, so it is in our hands to maintain this in the future.