20 + Awesome Brochure Designs For Your Inspiration

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  1. Sarah Adams says:

    I have always enjoyed print design so automatically this post interested me. As the web develops I believe print is becoming less and less but I agree that print is a powerful marketing tool. This is a great collection and my personal favourites are, ‘Sustainable’, ‘CHP Brochure’ and ‘Twenty4seven designs’ mainly through the use of colours and how they compliment each other very well. I also love the simplicity of the designs and the sleek look of ‘Sustainable.

    1. Riz Riz says:

      Thank you Sarah for liking, ya it’s true that designing & printing is a most powerful tool in the industry. @ Sustainable, personally i like lemon graphic and he have a excellent stuff.

  2. zaipamn says:

    My pick are: Sustainable, Architecture519 brochure, Simplicity works, and Ipsus01 Brochure because of its cool, simple and well organized designs. Although all brochure project messages it wanted to convey to their customers/clients.

    1. Riz Riz says:

      I love it Sustainable “Lemon Graphic”
      Thank you so much Zaipamn for Commenting,
      Keep commenting, we need your best help.

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