Handy Node.js Web Development Frameworks

Node-js Web Development Frameworks

We’ll share Node.js web development frameworks which is really handy for web developers. Indeed, readers will like this post.

JavaScript has changed the face of web development completely because of client side technologies which is increasing. Developers are using combining and parallel techniques to put on the real time traffic for two ways. With some other applications, Node.js also taken the real time web application development at the removal of event learner developers.

As you know that frameworks are made to save excessive work of people. Web framework functions allow to create more applications. Then it permit community to work together for intensification and accessibility of specified framework. Node.js is a platform which is built on Chrome’s JavaScript run time. Node.js web development frameworks are really handy which uses non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and effectual. It is really perfect for data concentrated real time applications which run in circulated devices.

You will discover many frameworks for node.js across the web. But in this post we’ll share list of node.js frameworks for you.



Flatiron is a flexible framework which was built from the ground up for use with JavaScript and Node.js.

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Flatiron, Node.js Web Development Frameworks



Hapi is a rich framework which helps to build web applications and services. It is simple to use. It allow developers to focus on writing ecological application logic instead of spending time building infrastructure.

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Opa is a Rapid & Secure Web Development for JavaScript which generates JavaScript on the server as well. Applications built with it can be organized directly and topped up or down easily.

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The Opa Node.js Web Development Frameworks


Astrum – Lightweight Pattern Library for Web Project


Wintersmith, a flexible, minimal, multi-platform static site generator built on top of node.js.




Geddy is a simple and designed web framework for Node. It has a strong CLI tool which facilitate to generate apps and run tests or interact with your app.

Geddy - The original MVC Web framework for Node



Koa is a new web framework made by the Team behind Express. Its purpose is to be more communicative and robust foundation for web applications and APIs. Koa permits you to drain callbacks and increase error-handling.

Koa - next generation web framework for node.js



Partial.js is a free web application framework for building Websites and Web applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

partial.js -Node.js Web Development Frameworks



Express is a slight and supple node.js web application framework which offer a robust set of features so single, multi-page and hybrid web applications can build.

Express - Node.js web application framework



Bone.io allows you to build real time HTML5 apps using web sockets. This assists you to easily build highly responsive user interfaces as well.

Bone.io - Realtime HTML5 Framework



Socket Stream is a fast modular Node.js web framework which is keen to build real-time single-page apps.




Coke is a lightweight node.js MVC framework that speeds up web development.

COKE- node.js MVC



Socket.IO supports real-time bidirectional event-based communication and works on every platform, device and browser.

Socket.IO - Node.js Web Development Frameworks



Derby is a MVC framework which makes it easy to write real time and cooperative applications that run in both Node.js and browsers. Derby have a controlling data synchronization engine named Racer. Racer syncs data automatically between server, browsers and a database.

Derby - Node.js Web Development Frameworks



Spine is a lightweight framework. The Model View Controller pattern is totally essential for modern JavaScript applications.

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Stapes.js is designed to be doubtful about your setup and style of coding. Whatever you elaborate, Stapes will give you the essential building blocks to build a kick-ass app.

Stapes.js - the little Javascript framework that does just enoug



Total.js is a contemporary minimal web framework. It is specially designated for people who are interested in creating large scale web applications. total.js - Node.js Web Development Frameworks



Locomotive is a web framework for Node.js which supports MVC patterns, Restful routes and convention over configuration while integrating with any database and template engine.

Locomotive - Powerful MVC web framework for Node.js



Tower is a set of small mechanism for building apps, manipulating data and automating a circulated infrastructure.

Tower.js - Small components for building hardcore apps



Kiss.js is an object-oriented web framework for node.js which is written in Coffee Script. It is very simple and informal.

Kiss.js by stanislavfeldman 2014



Meteor is an open-source platform for building top-quality web apps in little time whether you’re an expert developer or getting started.

Meteor 2014