Waterpipe.js is an open source jQuery plugin to generate smoky backgrounds (HTML5 Canvas).

Waterpipe.js dynamically & amazingly generate an abstract smoky background for web page that comes with plenty options to make the color, opacity, size, gradient and shape of smoky background. It works on every browsers which support HTML5 canvaselements. Download this amazing jQuery plugin and use it in your projects and research.

Hope you will like this jQuery Plugin. Let us know by leaving your valuable comments.


01-Generate-Amazing-Smoky-Backgrounds-with-Waterpipe.js 02-Generate-Amazing-Smoky-Backgrounds-with-Waterpipe.js 03-Generate-Amazing-Smoky-Backgrounds-with-Waterpipe.js 04-Generate-Amazing-Smoky-Backgrounds-with-Waterpipe.js 05-Generate-Amazing-Smoky-Backgrounds-with-Waterpipe.js 06-Generate-Amazing-Smoky-Backgrounds-with-Waterpipe.js 07-Generate-Amazing-Smoky-Backgrounds-with-Waterpipe.js 08-Generate-Amazing-Smoky-Backgrounds-with-Waterpipe.js 09-Generate-Amazing-Smoky-Backgrounds-with-Waterpipe.js 010-Generate-Amazing-Smoky-Backgrounds-with-Waterpipe.js 011-Generate-Amazing-Smoky-Backgrounds-with-Waterpipe.js 012-Generate-Amazing-Smoky-Backgrounds-with-Waterpipe.js 013-Generate-Amazing-Smoky-Backgrounds-with-Waterpipe.js


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