jQuery Slider Plugin With Modern Effects – Sequence

Sequence is the jQuery slider plugin with infinite style. It provides the complete functionality for a website slider without forcing you to use a set theme. In fact, Sequence has no in-built theme, leaving you complete creative control to build a unique slider using only CSS3 — no jQuery knowledge required!

There are various unique transitions built with CSS3 (which requires modern browsers) and degrades gracefully for older browsers.

Sequence has options for controlling the functionality including the control of prev-next buttons, auto-play being on/off, the slide to be displayed on initial load, transition types and more.

Also, there are callbacks on every level interaction for further customizations.

Horizontal jQuery Plugin with Parallax Effect

Sequence Features

  1. Unique transition styles created using CSS3
  2. Supports all modern browsers
  3. Gracefully degrades in older browsers
  4. Supports touch devices and swiping
  5. Supports responsive layouts
  6. 20+ options (and more to come!)

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