Best PHP Frameworks for Agile Application Development

Today we’ll share the best PHP frameworks for agile application development. I hope these PHP frameworks will helpful in your projects.

Creating rapid applications could be a cumbersome task, but you can accomplish it with greater efficiency and ease by implementing renowned and highly efficient frameworks.

Since, frameworks conform to the DRY principle (that is, Don’t Repeat Yourself), they ensure that the logic code pieces are deployed only once in a place. Thus with frameworks, there will be no code duplication and code maintenance will be quite easier. Moreover, the code re usability helps develop a better program.

There are numerous PHP frameworks available out there. It is recommended to keep a few points in mind while making your choice. Like, it should be easy to use and must offer rich code quality, it must ensure utmost security, facilitates AJAX support and a lot more.

Let’s ponder into some of the best PHP frameworks that are ideal for developing agile web applications.


20 Best PHP Frameworks for Agile Application Development

You can rapidly develop prototypes by implementing the code generation feature of the CakePHP framework. You just need to configure your database and you are set to create a desired web application.

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With the CakePHP framework, you can reap benefits of its amazing features, like –

  • Conveniently access database, and perform translation, authentication, caching and more.
  • Documentation is provided via 2 official sources.
  • Ensures consistency and logic throughout the application by providing a simple organizational structure including filenames, database table names, etc.
  • For added security, this framework comes complete with validation tools, and offers absolute protection from form tampering, SQL injection, and a lot more.
  • Its MVC convention packaging facilitates one to conveniently develop their app.

Its impressive features and superior functions make it the rapidly growing framework. And, this is why most of the web developers prefer CakePHP web application development.

Zend Framework 2


The Zend Framework 2 is a highly scalable open-source framework that offers object-oriented code for efficiently developing web application software. This powerful framework features component integration within the standard library for delivering outstanding performance with a robust MVC implementation.

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Some of the tempting features of Zend Framework 2 are:

  • Its modular base adds to its flexibility, as it allows users to integrate its building block with other frameworks or applications.
  • Highly secure framework
  • it is extensible, and so it can easily adapt to your needs.
  • Offers access to the famous web services by facilitating client libraries implementation.
  • You can even load the requisite components simply, rather than using the entire framework. It thus, makes the process simpler and more efficient.



Reap the benefits of the rich features of the Yii framework and accomplish your web application development task with utmost precision and efficiency. It delivers powerful performance and supports caching and AJAX. The framework implements the MVC pattern that allows one to create uncluttered, reusable code. For reduced complexity, you can even model the database data as objects.

Here are some of the striking features of Yii framework that contribute to its accentuating popularity.

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  • Offers secure applications with features including, SQL injection, output filtering, validation, and more.
  • Form input can be collected safely with its built-in features.
  • Supports third-party code as well, thus you can integrate your app with other frameworks as and when desired.
  • Facilitates convenient code writing and you can also test the code efficiently via functionality testing and unit testing.


20 Best PHP Frameworks for Agile Application Development

This agile PHP framework is quite powerful and offers a simple and a proficient toolkit for developing elegant, feature-rich web applications. Since, there is no restrictive coding protocols and no configuration is required, the CodeIgniter is extremely easy to implement. It is popular across the globe and developers love this framework due to its niftiest features and simple implementation.

Here are some of its features:

  • User-friendly interface and simple logical structure offer access to its resourceful libraries.
  • It is extremely fast and helps quickly develop applications. It needs a small set of libraries and you can add the requisite libraries dynamically when required.
  • Delivers excellent performance and provides comprehensive documentation.
  • To facilitate the app designers who are deploying template files, it offers a perfect separation between presentation and logic by following the MVC controller approach.


20 Best PHP Frameworks for Agile Application Development

The highly expressive and elegant syntax of this PHP framework is ideal for any kind of application. Its reliable secure code runs perfectly on Postgres, MySQL, SQLite, etc. Implement this framework and accomplish your complex task like routing, caching, authentication, etc., conveniently. Moreover, it also supports unit testing and numerous other worthy features.

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Fuel PHP

20 Best PHP Frameworks for Agile Application Development

View Models of Fuel PHP helps create a powerful layer between the controller and the view and this is why it is also known as Model View Controller Framework. With this tool, you can easily extend a desired class, and also create packaged modules by making section of your app and thus, can easily reuse the code. It is extremely secure and easy to deploy.



By creating a separation between the logic and presentation, this PHP framework is great for creating clean and efficient code for quickly developing web applications. It comes complete with template engine, integral classes, resourceful libraries, and more.



The Aura framework allows one to work with independent packages, decoupled libraries and absolutely clean code. Since, there no dependencies in this framework, you can easily deploy your application without restricting its development and performance.


20 Best PHP Frameworks for Agile Application Development

Create and maintain your web application quickly and conveniently with this rapid framework. It offers an overwhelming list of 29 standalone software components, from which you can choose one that best suits your application needs. Its well-defined methodology ensures effective and efficient upgradeability, maintainability and most importantly stability to your app.


20 Best PHP Frameworks for Agile Application Development

This fast PHP framework is implemented as a C extension, however, it is based on PHP. It delivers amazingly high performance by consuming minimal resources and saving the valuable time of the processor. You can even implement a desirable module of the framework on the basis of your application requirement. For added flexibility, it can be directly used as a PHP module, which makes it stand apart from others.



Available in two versions, basic and advanced, this simple and effective framework features MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. It facilitates one with optional composer integration, impressive URLs, PFO usage, compliance to PSR-1/2 coding standards and more.



This PHP micro framework supports robust router features and its simple configuration makes it extremely secure and easy-to-implement. Since, it is a micro framework, you can rapidly create prototypes and powerful web apps without getting deep into its hard learning curve.



SmartyPHP is basically a template engine that helps separate application logic from its presentation. You can directly implement its built-in features and quickly develop your application.

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The MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern of the framework offers minimalistic structural components, and helps keep the application complexity at bay. So, developers can easily accomplish application development.



This component-based programming framework facilitates rapid web application development by implementing PHP 5. PRADO stands for “PHP Rapid Application Development Object-oriented”.



The evoCore framework is available for free in dual licenses including, the Mozilla MPL and GNU GPL license. It ensures that your application can be virtually hosted on almost every web hosting provider.



It is a highly scalable PHP5 app framework that features the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. It doesn’t impose any limitation over conventions and emphasis on superior application quality. The code generated via the framework can be easily maintained and extended.

Lisa PHP Framework


This object-oriented web framework offers a lightweight development environment that facilitates agile app development. It features LISA session handler and MVC paradigm.

DIY Framework


DIY is an open-source framework that supports PHP5, XSLT, and MySQL. This object-oriented framework supports the principles of REST design and MVC architecture. It simply combines existing technologies in an efficient manner so that developer can reap the benefits of multiple frameworks (proven).



It is an OpenSource library (LGPL) that features interdependent blocks and modules, which facilitate agile web app development and prototyping with PHP5.