Avoid Wasting Time by Looking for Time Saving Free Design Resources

Free design element downloads are yours for the asking. Whether you are looking for a selection of photos, vectors, icons, or fonts, you seldom have to look far. The same applies to textures, patterns, and brushes. The number of choices available can if fact be overwhelming at times. This seeming embarrassment of riches can carry a price.

The time it can take to browse through large selections of design elements can give you a headache; and trying to find exactly what you want can cause you even greater distress when you insist on high quality. Many of these elements, especially brushes, are great time-savers, but that is only true if you don’t have to spend an excessive amount of time looking for one.

1001FreeDownloads is the solution. Here you will find a large selection of design elements, each and every one of which features the quality you are looking for.


Brushes – Try Duplicating These Manually

Try duplicating the following examples of brushes manually, but only do so if you have a great deal of spare time on your hands. Brushes can be attractive, and at times even stunning, but most importantly they can be great time savers. The brushes shown here are a sampling of Photoshop brushes we particularly like. These are just a couple of examples of beautiful artwork they can help you create.

Free Smarter Wireframe and UI Kit

Cherry Flower Corners




Patterns as Web Site Enhancers

Patterns come in an infinite variety of combinations of images and colors. They can be used in sharp contrast to the other elements on a web page and serve as attention grabbers, or they can be used more subtly. When you find a webpage to be particularly pleasing to the eye, but you are not exactly sure why you find it that way, the website designer’s subtle use of patterns could be the reason.

Balqis Free Font

Care should be taken in their selection, but you should not hesitate to use patterns to enhance the appearance of your pages. There can at times be a fine line however between patterns that complement the other elements on the page and those that can be a distraction.

60 Lines for Illustrator


Pixel Art Patterns 2


Friday Freebies – Free PSD Files For Designers #22

Keep a Selection of Textures on Hand

The use of textures can definitely add to a website page’s appearance. Like patterns, you need to be somewhat careful as to the pattern you choose, and how you use it, if you are to achieve the maximum benefit. Textures are commonly used as backgrounds. They tend to be easier to work with than patterns, and they are less apt to have a distracting influence. Choosing the right texture can be a definite plus if it directly relates to your website’s theme, but in many cases textures can be and are used independently of themes. Nevertheless, it is good to have a nice selection to choose among in your design toolbox, and we can help you with that.

Bubble Abstract Background 10


Cracked Cement Texture 8


Audrey Font, Elegant and Free Typeface

Don’t Make Icons an Afterthought

Icons are workhorses. They are also taken for granted, even though websites can seldom do without them. They are often thought of as purely functional elements rather than elements that can influence the appearance and increase the user friendliness of a website, which would be a mistake. Some designers who realize what icons can add to the overall design of their website, create their own custom icons, which can be time-consuming. Free icons are plentiful. A small fraction of icons we offer are shown here. Browse through what we have to offer, and you are likely to come across more than a few you will want to use. Icons can add character to any web page.

Lynny Icons Full


Lulu Icons Set 1


Fonts and User Friendliness go Hand in Hand

Like icons, fonts are sometimes unappreciated or underrated as design elements. The right choice of a font can make your overall design more attractive or more appealing. Even more importantly, the font you select can have a direct impact on the readability of text. Consequently, fonts can greatly affect a very important feature of your website; user friendliness. A host of different font styles are free for the asking, but as is the case with anything free, the quality can vary. What is shown here is a sample of the kind of quality you should be looking for in a font.

Code 2 – 2


Nova 2


Adobe 2


Finding just the Right Photos can be a Challenge

Locating a source of free photos is not all that hard. If you are looking for an image of a very specific subject however, your search can rapidly become more difficult; and if you insist on high-quality, your search can become still more challenging. You can of course take your own photos, as more than a few website designers do. Or, you can hire a photographer. Stock image sites have photos for sale. In some cases these photos are quite affordable, some can also be very expensive, and some are free. Free is best, but only if the quality you seek is there. You will find it well worth your time to browse our selection of free photos. It is a large, but not an overwhelmingly large selection, and you will find top-notch quality throughout.

Laptop on Wood Table


Origami Flower, Cup of Coffee, and Notebook on Bed


City View


Vectors: Useful, Plentiful, and Fun to Work With

Vectors can be easy to work with. They can in many cases serve the same purpose as a photo. They can be informative and/or amusing, and they can be fun to work with. Even better, a good selection of free vectors is not difficult to find. Vectors can come in handy when a deadline is approaching and you are hard pressed to find graphics that will spruce up your web page or add emphasis to the content. The wise choice and use of vectors can enhance your reputation as a truly innovative website designer.

Set of Vintage Badges


Man with Tablet


Vector City Illustrations 3