What You Need to Know When Hiring a Graphic Designer

hiring a graphic designer

Everyone would agree that design is one of the key elements in content marketing. Whether you are designing animations, infographics, white paper or any other form of content, having a catchy design will ensure that your content gets to a larger audience and remains relevant for a considerable length of time. The pressure to create an outstanding impression deems it utterly important that every touch point of your design feels and looks appealing to all first-time visitors. You might be using do-it-yourself tips to do the designs or even hire a 20-people task force to work it out for you. In either circumstances, hiring a freelance designer for some of the projects will be effective and efficient in designing a beautifully branded work.

hiring a graphic designer

While hiring a freelance designer is seen as a reasonable step in any project, it may bring serious flaws if mishandled. You may find yourself in a maze of misaligned styles and objectives, miscommunication and even a closed project which does not complement the narrative of your entire brand. In this article, you will encounter some of the most important considerations when working with a freelance designer, which will result in an elegantly finished project besides a strong working relationship that you may leverage in future.

Put all your ducks in a row before you begin the evaluation of potential designers, it is imperative for you to draw a roadmap or overview of your project. This eases the conversations with the people that you are bound to interview, besides aligning your internal team in line with the expectations of the project. The overview of your project should encompass the following things

Defining the achievable details

A good designer will always want to know what your final expectations of your project are. This comes in terms of the file formats that you want and how the final project will be delivered to you, either through mail, printer or any file sharing service.

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Outline the budget parameters

The most important thing here is to determine the maximum amount of money that you are ready to spend on the project. Similarly, there is a need to be honest regarding the type of resources that your finances will afford.

Assessing the available assets

It will take you some time to pull out all the resources that you have in the house or office, while you try to determine how helpful they will be towards the intended design project. Practically, this pool of assets will include tools such as relevant logo version and any written style guides. If you have an existing brand, bring it out and define what you want and what you hate. You must therefore create a clear and easy to access list of available resources so that the designer has a clear picture of what will work best for you.

Anticipate the timing

Most people could think of this in terms of when they expect the results of the final design project. On the contrary, anticipating the timing might actually guide the designer regarding the period after which you will be expecting to see the first draft. By drawing your timelines in one draft, you will be defining the availability that you are calling for, which will also give you a sense of the effort, resources and time that you will be devoting towards the project.

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Reach out for the most suitable designer

It is common sense that you need a designer who is talented, prompt, easy with feedback and inexpensive. However, you are left with the same question as to where you will find this kind of freelance designer especially when time is of the essence. Freelancers Outpost has over 5k+ freelance designers waiting for you.

First things first: Sourcing a designer is not easy we help with this.. Regardless of the means that you will use to source the designer, there are standard guidelines that will aid you in the identification of a suitable person.

Here are 2 of them

Consider the location. There are great freelance designers in every corner of the world. In fact, selecting one from a different time zone will give you a good opportunity of making good use of your free time, especially if you are occupied during the official hours. In your odd time, this might be the designer’s official working hours. However, it may be counterproductive. You need to consider how often, when and through what means you will be communicating.

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Get his/her anticipated working hours

No matter where your freelance designer will come from, you must know the time when he or she will be willing and available to work. There are some freelancers who have a full-time job during the day. Others have light engagements, hobbies and childcare responsibilities that they have to handle alongside design, which leaves them with option early mornings and late evenings as the only working period. This is why it is essential for you to have a clear picture of the designer’s schedule in order to establish a solid working foundation and determine whether the freelancer will be suitable for your project or not.

Interviewing and closing the deal

Having a list of freelance designers who are good for your time,talent and geographic requirements, it is time you organized for a Skype discussion, face-to-face interaction or phone conversation. Take time to assess the designer and determine whether your personalities are close to matching. Once you settle on the right candidate, you will go into a crucial step of defining the details which will either make or break the success of your project. Below, you encounter the bare minimum of what it takes to establish a positive working partnership, besides some additions that you will have to look into if money and time allows.

Agree on payments

Freelance projects will either be billed on a project or hourly basis. Before setting the stage, get the payment agreements or structure down on paper. If you have a company that has a standard contract structure, you must include this in the initial stages of your overview and discuss the details with your designer. Similarly, you have to outline the rights issue with regard to drafts and finished projects. Inasmuch as you want sole ownership of the final design, it may fetch you a goodwill or even some discount if you allow the freelancer to post the work in their portfolio or use you as a reference.

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Prepare all the necessary documentation on time,  Talk to your operations team and find out what will be needed to process payments besides the contract agreement. This mostly applies in case you are seeking for the services of a designer as a company. Some of these roadblocks should be identified early to prove to the designer that he or she will be paid promptly once the project is complete.

In summary, you need to create a roadmap, design a straightforward working agreement, provide regular and effective feedback besides treating the freelance designer as a crucial partner in your work. Once these ideas are adhered to, you will easily achieve the joint success that has been a nightmare to many.

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