Vivien Luo: Pioneering Meaningful Design Experiences at the Intersection of Art and Problem-Solving

Exploring the Journey of an Acclaimed Product Designer Revolutionizing Resale and Promoting Sustainability

Design is not only a powerful problem-solving tool but also a means to enhance the quality of daily life for people. From a young age, I’ve been captivated by human behaviors and have aspired to create meaningful experiences for them!” says Vivien Luo, an accomplished product designer, and individual artist based in New York, with over 10 years of immersion in the field of design.

This highly acclaimed product designer has garnered international recognition through prestigious design competitions such as the Hermes Creative Awards, Muse Creative Awards, and Graphic Design USA. Vivien Luo has been honored with platinum and gold awards for her outstanding work in user experience and digital design.

“Vivien Luo not only excels in creating visually appealing designs but also demonstrates remarkable problem-solving abilities with a design mindset. Just as we don’t expect a person to be equally proficient in left and right-brain thinking, it’s rare to find a designer who excels in both areas. If they do, it’s truly a bonus,” comments by one of Vivien’s client. He enlisted Vivien Luo’s expertise to design the mobile user experience for an AI monitoring system aimed at enhancing the safety of seniors.

A zigzag journey did not distract her; instead, she accumulated a vision as a multi-faceted designer.

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Vivien Luo, originally from Chongqing, China, initially followed a traditional Asian educational path centered around stability. Influenced by her father, a Civil Engineering professor, she pursued Landscape Design as her university major, developing a design mindset that would shape her future. However, Vivien’s rebellious nature and fascination with human behavior led her to make a life-changing decision. She chose to study Fashion Business at Parsons School of Design, renowned worldwide for its fashion programs.

Explaining her unconventional choice with a smirk, Vivien said, “My family thought I was crazy, but all I wanted was to pursue my passion. Besides, my mom was a model, and she looked stunning on the fashion show stage!” She viewed fashion as a highly conceptual medium for individuals to express themselves, an irresistible allure since her childhood.

During her time at Parsons School of Design and her immersion in the New York design and art industry for five years, Vivien honed her ability to transform sparks of inspiration into tangible designs that solve specific problems and meet business goals. Upon graduation, she embarked on her career as a visual designer, leveraging her skills in visual storytelling. It wasn’t long before Vivien experienced a defining moment. In 2021, she collaborated with Toast Family, a cushion and pillow brand that aims to enhance physical and mental satisfaction and create a warm and delightful home experience for customers.

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Vivien’s role as the chief designer for the Toast Family project earned her both a gold award from the Hermes Creative Awards and a platinum award from the Muse Creative Awards. The challenge was to effectively convey that the brand offered more than just merchandise—it embodied values of companionship and self-acceptance. Vivien explored various visual styles, including crayon typography evoking a diary-like sensation and recurring fruit patterns establishing a strong visual sequence. Ultimately, she settled on the idea of using a dreamy 3D spatial background and creating fairy tale castles for the “toast family.” This approach aligned with the client’s objective of infusing playfulness and humor into the brand while humanizing cushions as integral members of a family, each with their unique personality.

Reshine Community envisions a transformative experience in the world of resale, one that prioritizes transparency and meaningful connections.

For Vivien Luo, design is not just about aesthetics and storytelling—it’s a powerful tool for solving problems and improving existing situations. Her early work experience in the resale industry sparked her keen observation skills and the identification of issues that could be addressed to promote transparency and eco-friendliness. “People’s attitudes are rapidly shifting towards buying resale goods,” Vivien observed with delight. “I‘ve always been fascinated by vintage items and the underlying stories they hold, with a touch of mythical charm. Working in the resale industry made me realize that vintage, and resale in general, is not just a niche aesthetic but a mainstream industry with loyal customers that genuinely benefits the environment. Sustainable fashion is now being advocated by all.”

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The result of her efforts materialized into a tangible design solution that received recognition as a gold award winner from Graphic Design USA and the Muse Creative Awards. This solution is called Reshine Community, an interactive online platform designed to empower resale shoppers with transparency, answers to their questions, and connections with like-minded individuals.

When asked to elaborate on how Reshine Community tackles these issues, Vivien’s face lit up with enthusiasm. “There’s a marketing buzzword called ‘peer-to-peer recommendation’ that vividly captures the influence of friends or peer customers in providing more trustworthy information than ads. People trust peer recommendations,” she explained. Recognizing the cautious nature of online second-hand shopping, Vivien harnessed the power of peers by creating a public forum where shoppers can ask questions and receive replies from fellow buyers. Vivien’s Reshine Community envisions a transformative experience in the world of resale, one that prioritizes transparency and meaningful connections. 

Reshine offers an engaging and profound experience that combines fun with meaning. Vivien’s unwavering dedication to her craft and her passion for creating meaningful experiences continue to drive her forward. Her commitment to developing design solutions that genuinely benefit both people and the environment is clearly reflected in the success of Reshine and the significant recognition it has garnered. This raises the question of what inspires Vivien to fuel her imagination and devise innovative solutions. In response, she emphasizes, “I firmly believe that even in everyday activities, people are inclined towards more meaningful and spiritual experiences. This motivation continually renews and replenishes me.”

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