Top Tools To Speed Up Retoucher Routine Tasks

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Perfecting your pictures can be a somewhat daunting task. Depending on your purpose, you may need very specific photo guidelines to finish up your shots in just the way you need.

If you’re doing a wedding shoot, the process will of course be drawn out and complex. For other types of photos, though, you might face deadlines or for other reasons need to take care of things as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Check out a few of the latest trends in photo editing to help spiff your credentials and allow you to accomplish your goals in as little time as possible.

Portrait Perfection

Everyone wants to find the ideal way to present their portrait and share it as quickly as possible. FaceTune2 allows for real-time editing so you can remove blemishes, change the shape of your face, eyes, lips, etc. and observe the process as you go about it. It also offers a range of professional-looking studio lighting features.

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Another popular option is Airbrush, which also has a live option. If you’re a bit clumsy in your own makeup efforts, the app will give you a range of options for skin tones that match your coloring.

Special effects

If what you’re looking for is bling, there’s good news in this area too. For super lens flares, check out the latest version of PicsArt. Its lens flares are known for creating spectacular yet realistic effects.

Another big trend that everyone wants to get in on is bokeh. We’ve all seen those sultry night shots with the spectacular blurred Christmas lights in the background and wished we could reproduce it ourselves.

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Even if you haven’t found the perfect camera and background for this yourself, you’re in luck. Bokeh iOS allows you to draw your desired effect wherever you want to put it. For Android users, Insta Bokeh Android is a good option.

Remember, official photos are always really specific

For any given legal entity – be it a foreign visa office, a university or your own government – there are unique specifications that are required for successful submission. So as a retoucher you may face some challenges. Look for photo guidelines that allow you to remove the background, and brighten photos without creating too much glare or whitewashing the person out of the picture.

Capturing movement without blur

A great tool for creating a motion-like effect with little effort is Action Snap (Android only). What this app does is combine several shots together in a card-flipping manner to produce realistic-looking action shots. Speed has good reviews for this effect, too.

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If you’re looking to get an image from a video, Frame Grabber (also Android) will allow you to isolate a single image more crisply than other similar programs.

News for landscape enthusiasts

If you want to bring out features in your landscapes without obsessing over shades of individual plants, there are several new features in 2022 that you’ll want to check out.

PRO Landscape is one of the hottest landscape apps this year and is known for being user-friendly. Not only does it contain its own CAD and “renovation” features, it also offers 3D rendering, and has a library of 18000 plants that allow you to preview your future garden! All you’ll have to do is type in your chosen seed and watch it come to life.

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Another popular (web-based) option for 3D effects is SketchUp, which can be used either for landscapes or any other type of shot where you want to place objects in space.

Food for thought

As “foodieism” gains popularity, so too do its editing options. “Foodie” is a simple one with straightforward filters that will allow your followers to view your dishes as you consume them.

Snapseed is also gaining popularity among foodies. It offers such options as “protecting” your shadows versus your highlights, or the reverse, in order to create the exact mood you want. You’ve got a wide range of “grainy” options if that’s what you’re looking for. There’s also the “glamor glow” feature for those juicy spots you want to draw out.

Whatever your goal, stay on top of the trends

Regardless of your specific photo aims, recent developments should allow you to accomplish your photo editing goals with greater ease and without wasting a lot of time.

Check out these suggestions for a more streamlined, straightforward, and efficient photo experience.