iOS 13 Dark Mode: Is it Bad for Your Eyes?

Dark Mode has become increasingly popular on all devices, but Apple fans have been clamoring about it for a while. Every time Apple releases a new phone, you can expect there to be improvements and new features. With the release of its newest iteration, the iOS 13, the update is exciting those who have been waiting for the popular feature. Along with other new and updated features, Apple is giving their fans what they want. But at what cost?

Apple’s iOS 13

The new operating system has a few improvements such as the new Apple Maps. The interface is completely revamped, with better location tracking and real-time public transit estimates. It also has a street mode undoubtedly inspired by Google Street.

There is also the Find My App feature that combines Find My Phone and Find My Friends. It includes a swiping keyboard for faster typing. Another fun addition is that Memojis can be turned into stickers and the Health App has a built-in period tracker to do advanced things like predict menstrual cycles and sync with the Apple Watch. No feature is more exciting to Apple fans than Dark Mode.

Dark Mode Feature

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Apple’s Dark Mode feature simply inverts the background and text. Instead of having a light background with black text, Dark Mode provides a black background with white text. People like the way it looks for one, but they also say it is easier on the eyes. They aren’t wrong, but what people are not thinking about is how bad it is for your eyes.


According to the specialists at the site MoneyPug, which is used to compare mobile phones, Dark Mode is much-loved, but studies indicate that it isn’t good for your eyes. There is a lot of speculation about whether it harms the eyes when you use it for a little while or if it is more harmful when it is constantly being used.

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Recent studies have indicated that vision is harmed by Dark Mode not because it is easy to view but because it makes the eyes strain to see it. Negative polarity, meaning a dark-on-light background, is not as good for your eyes as Light Mode. It is easier to focus, identify letters, transcribe, comprehend text, read quickly, and proofread in Light Mode. Some of the older studies suggest that using a positive polarity display results in less visual fatigue and increased visual comfort. Despite the hyper surrounding it, Dark Mode isn’t a one-size-fits-all feature. However, if you use it correctly, you can take advantage of Dark Mode’s benefits.

Benefits of Dark Mode

In a low-light environment, it is easier to read. It is also better for your sleep to read on Dark Mode before you go to bed. There are many studies coming out about how the bright lights in our phones are making us sleep more fitfully and inhibiting our ability to deeply sleep. This is also better for anyone around you who is trying to sleep while you use your phone.

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In addition, Dark Mode is simply better for some people. Dark text on a light background is undoubtedly the better setting for most people, but everyone’s vision is different. What’s good for one person’s eyes may not be good for another person. Visual conditions may make it easier for them to read bright text on a dark background.

Dark Mode also saves power. Since it isn’t illuminating the whole screen, there is less battery being used. However, not all phones have OLED displays. There are phones as new as the iPhone XR that don’t have the OLED display. Still, according to Google, Dark Mode could save anywhere between 15 and 60 percent of battery life depending on the screen’s brightness.

It doesn’t make a difference whether your sight is good or bad, Dark Mode can be harmful for eyes. It doesn’t have to, though. You can use it at night and during the right situations and be better off. Make sure to take care as to when you use Dark Mode and you will take advantage of its benefits while avoiding its damaging effects to yours. As with anything, moderation is key.

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