Smartphones – The New Age Conquerors of The eCommerce World

E-commerce has been booming but it has to reach to all levels. Here is how catering to a mobile audience will be important for any online business.

E-commerce is no doubt booming but with the advent of Smartphones all the buying and selling is now migrating to the small screen. People who visit e-stores through their Smartphones are probably the ones who are looking to buy immediately. When every other site is going mobile it is important that eCommerce stores as well go that direction. If you are not able to cater to a variety of audiences with different devices then you are losing out on business. The number of people who are shopping through their phones is surging day by day. So not to capitalize on them would be a huge mistake. We always want to capitalize on a higher level and want to gain more exposure. During these times it is important that we cater to all. Everyone online business should be able to satisfy the mobile audience as well. We can expect a time where everyone would be using their phones to make purchases. So we need to adapt to the new ways and change ourselves. An eCommerce store should be able to connect with their audience at all times and that is how you will become successful. One your business becomes successful more users would want to buy from you.

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If you are an eCommerce store then it is important that you take advantage of the mobile users. Many eCommerce sites have still not gone mobile and in the future when more people would be looking to buy used their Smartphone than such stores will not be able to take advantage of them. A business with mobile presence will be able to gain around 20 percent of their business. So one needs to reach out to them and make them clients from just visitors. So how would you capture these visitors? The first thing you need to do is have an interactive mobile website.

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1. You need to have a mobile website which will have the ability to provide a great user experience. A mobile eCommerce site should be easy to use, quick to load, easy to navigate, and it should be easy to order products and services. The duty of every business is to ensure that a user has a great shopping experience. Without a great shopping experience you cannot expect the person to come back to your website. Positive user experience will bring more revenue to your business.

2. If we were shopping using our laptops and desktops then we will be able to browse through hundreds of products. But when it is a smartphone we want to get the product we want instantly. So we have to present the visitors with desirable products so that they may buy instantly. Have them log in using cross platform authentication such as Facebook and Twitter. All this will ensure buyers to buy from your mobile eCommerce site.

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3. Many people would not want to fill complete details and create an account before they can buy a product especially when you are on a mobile phone. So always have the guest check out option so that users do not have to go through the hassle of creating an account and because of this more people would be interested in buying from your website. You also want to be backed by high-speed customer transaction processing that is optimized for low bandwidth connections. This way more users would be interested in coming to your website. Websites with guest checkout have had tremendous success.

4. Another way of ensuring the best user experience is having a push button notification so that when a product is available then people would be able to buy it right away by initiating the payment procedure. You can notify the users whenever the product is available and that way they don’t have to go to the store to buy it.

5. You can also promote yourself on the social network so that more people would be able to know about your store. You will be able to get more exposure to a wider audience and that will increase the traffic on your website.

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When all of these parts come together you will be able to cater to a variety of audiences and more people would come back after a good shopping experience.