The Cheapest Way to Build a Website and Get It Online

There are primary components and elements with different functions that need to be applied before a website can successfully be built and uploaded online. The first is the availability of a domain name, which is some form of tag that is placed on the website to facilitate its identification and personalize its function. Another is a hosting account that is used to basically house the constituent files and data that make up the framework of the website. Finally, the third and perhaps the most pivotal is the design and modification of the website itself, which mostly involves the creation, arrangement, and manipulation of the contents that will be the main feature of the website.


Building a website for a business is no longer a step taken alone by fancy companies and large corporations that wish to flex their financial muscles while conveying their brand, it is a necessity for any establishment — either small or medium — that wish to grow its business by maximizing the marketing capability of the internet to the fullest. This realization has led to a massive increase in the number of websites presently online. As at the last count there are over a billion websites active in the internet space for the over 3 billion internet users to visit. This basically translates to an average of 1 website to 3 users.

The cost of building and maintaining a website, however, is really just dependent on the type and quality of website being created. While one business may build a website with high functionality at a premium cost, another may facilitate the design of something similar at a very decent fee. It is very important to be knowledgeable and tactful when delving into the task of fashioning a website for a business because keeping the cost of creating and running the internet platform at a reasonable low cost remains priority. But choosing a wallet friendly option in website formation doesn’t mean one should proceed to settle for mediocrity.


By expatiating further on the three main components of a functioning website, the financially sound options in each component can be identified and highlighted to buttress the assertions about cheap-quality web design.



Registering a domain name is probably the first decision one has to make after deciding to build a website of the business. Not only is it an essential element of the web design process, it is very important in the branding of the company. A domain name is basically the first component of any business venture to communicate with internet users, using the URL address attached to it to invite users to the business’ homepage.


Domain names are generally cheap and affordable, though some may be cheaper than the other. The .com domain, which is unarguably the most popular of the TLDs, is very quiet affordable with prices ranging from $11.99 – $15.99 per annum. With the prices very much decent, it is wise to rebuff any alternative TLDs unless you’re considering the much cheaper but equally as effective country code TLDs. Website addresses that end with suffixes,, etc., are examples of domains incorporating country codes. On no account should a free domain be considered unless it is offered with a hosting package. Not only are free domains unbrandable, they tend to be inefficient and at times defective in their functionality.





Hosting is a very delicate factor in ensuring website efficiency, because it is the element of the web creation process that affects the manner in which the website will be displayed to web visitors.

While the cheapest alternative for web hosting is the use of free hosting services, these are mostly never ideal for businesses that may want to upload a vast amount of files and data including those with customers’ information. Not only do free hosting plan tend to fail more than often, they are also very much unsecured and leave the business website susceptible to hacks and internet viruses. Another unpleasant feature of free hosting is the tendency for the hosting company to transform one’s website into a canvass for their advertising benefits.


There are, however, affordable hosting plans for businesses wishing to maximize the use of internet space but lack the funds to achieve this. Many hosting companies offer basic plans that are quite affordable for start-ups and small businesses, while also providing the opportunity for one to upgrade to a more robust plan when one’s hosting needs exceed the basic plan.


Website Design


This has the tendency to be the most expensive element of website building, while also having the capability of being the cheapest. With advances in web building technology, a user with zero skills and no proficiency in web development may complete the design of a fully functioning website in only a few minutes with web builders. With web building platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Shopify, start-ups and small businesses can have a commercial website online in no time. And though these websites are quite efficient, it will be wise for an expanding business to seek more professional input in order to maximize the website’s functionality, and modify its customization to agree with the business’ brand.