The Best Tech News from Downgraf in the last 12 months

No industry changes faster than the world of technology. Virtually every 12 months new innovations change the world and the way in which we live our lives. Featured below are some of the best tech highlights of 2013.

Cloud Computing Helps Small Businesses

Best Tech News

Many small businesses are turning digital and the Cloud is aiding the way business is conducted via the web. While many had security concerns in the past, advances in Cloud computing are proving to be hugely beneficial; and according to the Guardian, companies are striving to provide much better standards of security. Cloud computing has also helped grow careers and has encouraged many to venture into self-employment. This is because the Cloud significantly reduces overheads, allowing small to medium sized business greatly reduce their setup and management costs. Companies such as Cheeky Munkey have even started implementing Cloud based technology into their IT solutions.

Digital Sales Dominate the Market

The popularity of the tablet is significantly increasing, which is causing older computing devices such as the netbook to suffer. However, this growth is encouraging companies to place more emphasis on digital sales. App, video game, movie and music purchases have skyrocketed over the past 12 months; and with services like Steam, Netflix and Spotify, the digital world provides the most accessible way to access entertainment. At present, digital sales in the entertainment industry account for just over a quarter of the market share.

Explosion in App Variety

app explosion

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With most people spending an average of 82 minutes per day on their phones, it’s hardly surprising that there’s been an app explosion throughout 2013. Developers are now focusing on tailor made apps and breaking into smaller niches. This is paving the way for constant connectivity as more and more people rely on mobile devices to manage their lives. One of the biggest changes in the app world, however, is the focus of cross platform compatibility. While in the past many apps were exclusive to one platform, nowadays developers strive to make their apps accessible to everybody.

The Death of Netbooks

The netbook industry can no longer compete in today’s computing market. As mobile devices dominate, many of the big league players in the netbook world, such as Acer and Asus, have halted future production. Due to the limited performance of the netbook and the popularity of tablet PC’s, many of the most well-known brands are focusing their efforts on tablet production instead. Although the tablet industry is still dominated by Apple’s iPad, other tablets such as the Microsoft Surface and Lenovo tablet PC are increasing in popularity.

With the constant rise of ecommerce and the world becoming ever-more reliant on constant connectivity, it’ll be interesting to see just how far technology takes us throughout 2014. In today’s market, regardless of industry, establishing an Internet presence is vital; and with companies outside of the tech sector venturing into the digital world, the future has a lot more to offer.

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