Implementing Mobile Touch Points to Enhance the Customer Experience

For businesses that operate in an economy where their consumers interact with their mobile smart devices regularly, it is a no brainer that their marketing and business activities should seek to enhance their exposure and experience on the mobile platform. With the increase of wireless connectivity and the society’s dependence on smartphone and smart device technology, businesses can direct users to their mobile applications and platforms that will enhance their experience with the business. Mobile app developers in Melbourne have been working to pioneer in this space. In 2015, there have been companies that have voiced the importance of mobile to enhance the customer experience. In a recent article published in Ad Age, author Brian Solis called out for marketers to invest in mobile to support the entire customer journey.

You cannot afford to leave mobile as an afterthought when it comes to managing the customer experience. The majority of people have a mobile phone and interact with their smart device regularly throughout the day. Exposing your products or services to the mobile market can potentially gain additional sales and the endorsement of your business. Below are a few ways mobile marketing is being used.

Implementing mobile touch points to enhance the customer experience

Mobile augmented technology

Augmented reality is something that is increasing in popularity and is being cleverly used by marketers to tap into a unique brand experience that can only be accessed through the use of mobile technology. IKEA successfully launched their mobile application that allowed users to visualize the placement of their desired furniture in their home. The benefit of the app helped potential buyers during their purchase consideration phase and would lead them to commit to the purchase.

Mobile GPS

Improve the experience of your business by allowing your customers to easily find you with mobile GPS technology. The easiest way to achieve this is to get listed on Google Maps. However, there are other offline map applications such as that also seek information about locations and businesses to help them with directions.

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Expand your point of sale reach with a mobile checkout

What better way to increase the commercial activity for your business than by placing the point of sale into the hands of your customers. Mobile applications that are developed by the business or a third-party can add an extra level of trust with the potential buyer and give them the confidence with purchases through the phone.

Leveraging mobile notifications (direct marketing)

Direct marketing on mobile has grown considerably over the past few years. There has been an increase in the amount of direct marketing activities through the use of SMS and mobile notifications with products like Text Request for example. The options are endless.. Businesses can customise mobile specific campaigns that promote ‘mobile-only deals’ for the business’s mobile activity or even handle customer service inquiries through text. has been successful with implementing this strategy via their mobile application. This has resulted in more mobile sales for first time, acquiring more repeat customers and has conveniently improved their stronghold in the mobile apps market.

Encouraging mobile advocacy among smart device users

With the growth of smart mobile devices and different social media platforms, there has been an increase in the different types of social sharing. Should the content you develop get shared widely across these platforms, some of the emerging mobile applications that have spurred viral sharing include:

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  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Vine
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat

The importance of mobile marketing will continue to grow in importance to enhance the customer experience. Ironically, many of the concepts that were originally predicted in movies are now becoming reality with the increased use of smart mobile devices. Majority of consumers lives will be left in the palm of their hands and it will be up to the creativity of businesses to best enhance mobile interaction for the growing mobile-savvy market.