Why Choose an eCcommerce Solution for Selling Clothes Online?

You have an eye for fashion and an idea of the market niche in which you want to sell clothes online. You’ve done all your homework, laid out your business plan and now you’re keen to start selling clothes online. One question remains – should you buy a domain name, organize hosting, and hire a website developer/designer to build your site? Or – do you go with an ecommerce service provider and have your new store hosted on a ready-made platform?

In the bricks and mortar world, the equivalent dilemma would be whether to buy your own shop premises, convert it to your needs, and bring in the shop fitters, or to rent a store within a purpose designed shopping mall.

This article explores the second option in a little detail, the major benefit being that choosing a full service platform will get you selling clothes online in the shortest space of time. Of course, that’s not the only benefit. Here we explore a few more good reasons to sell clothes online with the aid of a hosted ecommerce platform.

A Shop in a Box

That’s what you get when you sign up with an ecommerce shop builder. Pretty much everything you need is provided to get your store in front of the masses and start selling clothes online. Opening your store and making your first sale is feasible within days of purchasing your subscription. Not only that, your store will look good from the outset, thanks to lots of professionally designed, customizable themes that you can choose from. To sell clothes online successfully, you need to catch the eye of potential buyers and a beautiful theme for your store will help.

As well as quickly giving you a store that will look good to customers, the best shop builders will include the following functionality and features to make selling clothes online an enjoyable and smoothly run venture:

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  • Inventory management functionality
  • Extra web pages and blog facilities, so you can add value with information for your customers
  • Content management functionality, for your product images and descriptions
  • Product categorization capability
  • Customer order tracking
  • Multiple logins, for you and any staff helping you sell clothes online
  •  Customer account set up
  • A means to take payment from customers in multiple currencies
  • Analytical tools, so you can quickly see how your business is performing
  • Discount code functionality


Along with the online store itself, an ecommerce provider will probably allow you access to tools and apps to help you sell clothes online. The best solutions will have apps that plug seamlessly into your store platform without any tweaking or fuss. Tools like this provide you with flexibility and allow you to extend the functionality of your store.

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Hosting, Security, Service, and Support

In addition to a range of helpful functionality, a good shop builder will provide secure and reliable hosting for your store. You will also benefit from support services to help you sell clothes online. These services will include, at the very least, technical and customer support. In some cases, service offerings may extend to tuition or advice on how to start an online clothes store.

The best service providers are aware of how mobile shoppers have become, thanks to the widespread use of smartphones and tablets. Your ecommerce provider should use responsive software that will help you sell clothes online to customers who like to browse and buy while they are on the go.

Many high street retailers prefer the convenience offered by renting space in commercial malls. They know that a store can be operational without long delays so they benefit from a faster return on investment. An ecommerce shop building service is the internet equivalent of the commercial mall, allowing you to realize your business plan and start selling clothes online quickly and easily.

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