Want To Develop A Facebook Application? Here Are Tips to Choose the Right Company for the Same

The significance of social media has been on a rise over the last decade or so.  Right since the time people got acquainted with the concept of social networking, they have wholesomely accepted it into their lives.  The trend has so emerged that today companies are looking at the social media as one of the most important mediums of marketing.

Following are some statistics that might throw more light on the same:

(data courtesy statisticbrain.com)

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  1. 98% percent of the people in the age group of 18 – 24 already use social media: This age group happens to be the core target audience for a large number of companies.  Therefore, using the social media could be an efficient way of connecting with the audience.
  2. Facebook has over 1.2 billion active users: When you compare this number with some of the other social platforms, you would realize that Facebook still is among the undisputed leaders in this sphere.  Hence, a presence on this platform is of utmost importance.


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Thus, this emphasizes on the significance of having a Facebook application.  With the help of such application, you would be able to escalate your social salience, and hence give fillip to your brand value.  However, it is imperative to work with an expert Facebook app development company.  The reason why you cannot develop the app by your own (even if you have the desired technical know-how) or work with an untrained freelancer is because that runs the risk of getting a few things horrendously wrong.  Following are the reasons why you should only work with a qualified company:

Need Based: An experienced company would be able to develop an application that is precisely as per your requirement.

Insights: You can expect a professional company to conduct a profound research before initiating the project.  This way, it will have insights about your audience, body of work, requirement and other details.

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Techniques: Given that you are working with an experienced company, it will have access to proven techniques and strategies, which can augment your project’s chances of success.

Prompt: Finally, a good company can be expected to perform the work sooner.  This way you shrink your time to market, and hence elevate your chances of meeting your target audience before your competitors.


Now that you appreciate the importance of working with a good and reputed company for your Facebook app development requirement, let us delve into ways in which you can take an educated decision.  In other words, these tips shall assist you in selecting the right company for your requirement:

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Introspection: The first thing that you would be suggested to do would be to know precisely what you want.  This is because different company possess expertise in addressing different types of requirements.  Hence, while a company might be good for one requirement, it might be absolutely redundant for another.  Your introspection should start by identifying the precise reason why you wish to have a Facebook Application.  This reason shall be an important indicator about the kind of app that would be required.  Moreover, a description of your existing/prospective customers and your relation with them shall also be really helpful.  Finally, it is absolutely imperative to set your budget.  You should be clear of the amount that you are willing to spend for the same.

Research: It will be impossible to choose a good company unless you know about all the companies that are there in the market.  Put differently, when you work with a small set of companies, your decision making will be simpler, but that will not necessarily help you take the right decision.  When you compare all the companies, vying for your project, you shall be in a position to find out those companies which fit into your requirements better than others.

Interviewing: Most people tend to choose companies purely on the basis of their quotations.  However, there are certain things that that are not bared by the quotation.  In that case, interviewing the representatives of the shortlisted companies can make your life easy.  Your job is to speak with the representatives on those issues that you have doubts about.  Also, such interview might help you find out whether all the claims of the company are really true or not.

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Testing: This is a good way of evaluating the service potential of the companies being evaluated.  Once you have shortlisted the companies on the basis of the above mentioned criteria, you can ask them to work on a small part of your requirement.  You would be advised to offer them live work so that their real inputs could be procured, and hence evaluated.

Client Examples: Finally, you can ask them to share with you their past experiences with the clients.  Certain confident companies are also willing to share the contact details of their clients.  Here, you can speak with the clients of the companies, and find out what they have to say about the experience.  This way, you will receive pertinent inputs on the companies’ quality of work, professionalism, timeliness, client orientation and others.

Therefore, by following these steps, you can ensure that your Facebook app development project is in safe hands.