Animals In Logos: Examples For Inspiration

We love animals and this cannot be taken away from us. We spend princely sums on our fluffies, taking care of them, buying expensive food, toys, and even clothes, doing research, keeping a pedigree, and doing a cat breed test to monitor the health of a pet.

Animals are also often used by designers when creating brand logos. This is not surprising, because representatives of the fauna are understandable and close to every person, and therefore are well perceived and remembered at a subconscious level.

Take, for example, the Lacoste brand. Many are ready to pay a decent amount of money for a modest polo shirt from this company. Although it differs from other, cheaper ones, with only a crocodile sewn on the pocket.

Today we will talk about the animals that have become a symbol of the brand. Let’s dive in!


Animals are very common on car logos. A prime example of this is the Ford Mustang. Mustang is a feral domestic horse. But the creators of this car didn’t think about it. By giving the name to their offspring, they meant a completely different mustang – the famous WWII fighter P-51 Mustang.

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Nevertheless, the symbol of this iconic car was not a plane, but a galloping wild horse. Many were outraged by the fact that it runs opposite the direction of the horses at the races. But the creators of the car explained this by the fact that the wild mustang always runs where it wants.


Linux’s trademark is a penguin named Tux. Initially, Linux developers wanted to choose for their brainchild, as a logo, the image of some strong, noble beast, fish, or bird. For example, an eagle or a shark. But Linus Torvalds, the “father” of the operating system, expressed a desire to make it the emblem of a penguin because he was very fond of these birds. And so it was done – the penguin logo is the official trademark of Linux. Its name is Tux.


An English greyhound flaunts the logo of the Italian brand Trussardi, which produces elite clothing and accessories. This symbol was personally invented by Nicolo Trussardi, the man who made the company what we can see now. Greyhound symbolizes elegance, grace, flair, and constant movement forward.

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As the logo of the Nestle company, its founder Henry Nestle took his family coat of arms. It depicts a nest in which a mother bird feeds three chicks. Nestle means “little nest” in German. The Nestle logo symbolizes the family, its values ​​, and maternal care for children.

A century later, the Nestle brand name has changed a little – now, instead of three chicks, two of them left. This change was made so that any person could associate the bird family with their own. And today, three children in a family is the exception rather than the rule. Most European and American families now have no more than two children.


The logo of the world-famous film company Metro Goldwyn Mayer depicts a roaring lion. MGM was formed in 1924 as a result of the merger of three film studios and at the same time, it was decided to take a ready-made logo of one of the film companies for it. It seems to many that over the years, the Metro Goldwyn Mayer logo has not changed at all. However, in reality, this is not the case. Over the years, 7 different lions have already changed on the MGM screensaver!

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The famous logo – a white rhino on a red background, belongs to the English company Rhino. Established in 1984, the company was originally engaged in the production of equipment for rugby scrums (training boards, grappling bags, balls, etc.)

Later, the British began to sew branded clothes with a recognizable logo. The logo itself has changed several times. The rhinoceros on the trade emblem remained unchanged.

Do you remember how rugby is played? They push wall to wall, push through, and sometimes even throw each other up. It is difficult to imagine any other animal on the logo of this brand.

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Puma is the trademark, which eventually became more famous than the animal itself. In addition, this is the case when both the name and the logo are completely identical and understandable in all languages ​​of the world.

Although this name was born by accident. Two brothers from Germany, who once created sportswear and shoes together, had a very bad fight after the Second World War. The first brother took over one of the factories and began to create clothes under the Adidas brand.

The second left the old factory for himself and named the company consisting of the first letters of his name Ruda (Rudolf Dassler). But after a few months, the German decided that Puma would sound more logical. This is how the jumping puma appeared on the logo.