A New Approach to Fashion Web Design: Award-winning Designer River Liu and The New Endless Rose

Back in 2022, in a Los Angeles fashion company’s meeting room, the team leader tasked River Liu with creating a market-driven online store for their brand, Endless Rose. As her colleagues grappled with finding a solution, designer River Liu opted for an unconventional approach. Instead of solely concentrating on web design, she reimagined the brand’s identity, dubbing the project “The New Endless Rose.”

Award-winning Designer Ms. River Liu

Born in China, River Liu earned her Master’s degree in Graphic Design and Computer from San Francisco Art University in 2020 and now resides and works in Los Angeles. Her passion for art, fostered by her mother’s encouragement, began at a young age. River’s mother not only taught her to draw but also frequently took her to museums and art galleries. With this support, River successfully embarked on a career as a designer.

The year 2022 saw both hard work and success for River, as she designed three commercially valuable websites, and her work on Endless Rose won the international Vega Awards for Best Visual Design and Best Fashion Website Design. That same year, she entered and won numerous prestigious international awards, such as the Muse Platinum Award and the C2A Award.

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Ms. River Liu’s award-winning project

Today, Endless Rose has become the company’s most influential and commercially successful website. River has shared numerous insights into web design and teamwork, emphasizing the importance of thorough market analysis and strong brand conviction. She believes that exceptional web design should prioritize user experience and detailed product information, rather than simply offering a trendy interface. Moreover, a website should be a direct means of raising brand awareness, and designers must carefully consider its impact on user experience.

Effective team collaboration is another critical factor in achieving success. River’s team comprises young, unique individuals, and balancing their distinct personalities is a significant challenge. She encourages respecting everyone’s opinions and using data and scientific analysis to support differing views. Pursuing personal aesthetics at the expense of market demand can negatively affect user experience. River asserts that a dictatorial leader will lose trust, while a passive one may achieve subpar results. Maintaining creative passion is essential for designers, but team cohesion is the foundation of a rational and logical group.

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Ms. River Liu’s award-winning project

For River, each success marks the beginning of the next challenge. Design is an ongoing process of innovation. She quotes a Chinese proverb, “Learn as long as you live,” emphasizing the need for designers to stay current with trends and adapt to market changes. River believes many young designers prioritize avant-garde aesthetics, neglecting user experience. A commercially valuable designer should not merely anticipate market progress but subtly guide the market using their design language.

Ms. River Liu’s award-winning project

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