Advantages Verses Complications of Responsive Website Design

The advancement and development in the technology of mobile phones, notebooks and wide screen laptops raised the requirement to savvy developers for the portable interface which can run on any platform. Then, two years back something was quite highlighted and admired by all the IT departments in the world and that was Responsive Web Design. It is an approach that builds a single website design that accommodates in all devices and various platforms. A website created on the principles of RWD will reduce the difficulties in duplicating the same for separate desktop and mobile websites. It uses the floating content elements, an adjustable page layout, and dynamic resized images to get adapted in all the sizes of varied devices. The websites will be devoted to users only and responds to their requirements.

responsive web design

The website built on responsive web designs is commutable to all platforms as it resizes itself as per the device requirements, rendering on I Phone to notebooks, or from big computer screen to Androids. But, like all the things in world, Responsive web design does have pros and cons which has affected its market in IT world. It is not simple like the any other website design and have complicated source code which takes lot of time in development.

Advantages of Responsive Web Desig:

1.   Low Maintenance Cost

The website designed on RWD principles will have low maintenance cost as it can render services to any platform or any device and does need to modify for different accessing devices like the nor RWD websites.

2.   Unique Brand Identity

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The web-users as well as the Smartphone visitors will get the same result of web pages. RWD communicate in the same style rather than the previous versions which serves different designing and look of the websites. It will create a single brand identity to all the users of websites by giving the same experience to all.

3.   User Friendly

A single website for all the devices will have same interface and functionality to all the platforms. It will render all the best services of designing and functionality to user without redirecting them to other pages to complete a single task. Redirections to other page used to come for the incompatibility of sites on various devices but RWD solves this problem.

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4.   Reasonable loading

Responsive website designs for business websites proved beneficiary by this exceptional feature of RWD technology. It allows the easy download of the size by compressing the images if the user is accessing website through a smaller device such as Smartphone or tabs. It downloads only the specific data which takes the minimum time of loading website on varied devices.

Complications of Responsive Website Design

1.   Excess Development Time

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Desktop sites were easy and less time consuming development sites for developers. There weren’t many resources like in responsive designing websites. Developing a RWD site from scratch even takes less time then converting a desktop site to a one (desktop-site) as additional pages as well as modifications will be required.

2.   Resizing images loses its significance

Scaling the image in RWD principles is the biggest advantage of this approach but it hasn’t given the prolific result. The process of scaling and resizing the image is done on the basis of screen size and this result in losing the important information sometimes. It traverses the different meaning to the visitors of the websites.

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3.   Complications in Navigations menus

Navigations menus which play significant role in functional sites perform very well in desktop-based websites. But due to the small screen size of Smartphone and other devices, it becomes real challenge for developers to accommodate them on the small screens.


Despite of certain complications in development area, RWD is considered the best and renowned designing application these days. It has solved many issues of loading and rendering websites in different platforms. Henceforth, we can say responsive web designing is the most demanded and popular even with its minor complications in development.