How to Hire a ReactJS Developer Without Dubious Intermediaries and Overpayments

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Do you want to hire ReactJS developers for your business but have been scared off by horror stories of scam agencies and undelivered projects? There are always risks when using an agency to place developers in your business, but most of these can be mitigated with ease.

In this article, we’ll show you how to hire a ReactJS developer (or a whole team) for the best price possible.

Why hire ReactJS developers?

When you hire React JS programmer teams, they will design and create JavaScript-based apps for web or mobile environments. They specialize in front-end development as React is an open-source JavaScript library. Libraries are toolkits for developers because they include configuration data, code, and templates.

When you hire a ReactJS developer, they will be heavily involved across all stages of interface development. This will include the following:

  • Developing front-end features and UI elements like icons, images, and gesture-driven features like swiping or drag-and-drop elements;
  • Writing code, including translating wireframes into code, writing CSS selectors and HTML tags;
  • Optimizing cross-platform functionality so that different browsers and devices can run the application;
  • Software testing across all stages of interface development.

Your ReactJS developers will be valuable members of your team if you develop mobile or web applications.

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How to Hire React JS development team

Finding React JS developers for hire is difficult. Their skills are in demand, and they can command big salaries, which makes it harder for start-ups to access the React JS developers they need.

Finding an individual React JS developer is a little easier (and more affordable) than hiring an entire team, but there are several methods you can try to fill both requirements.

Using a Recruitment Agency

You can hire a recruitment agency to find either an individual developer or a whole team for your business. Bear in mind that this approach is by far the most expensive. Granted, you don’t have to spend your own precious time sifting through applications and resumes, but the process isn’t faster when you use a recruiter. The recruitment agency will promote the job, interview and vet candidates, and then suggest candidates for you to review and interview on your own. They will ask for a fee for this service – between 10-20% of the candidate’s annual salary. For a senior developer in the United States, this could cost your business up to $25,000 per candidate – and there is no guarantee or refund attached. If the candidate quits within a few weeks or isn’t as good as you thought they were, you’ve lost your money and need to start the entire process all over again. If you do go this route, make sure that you hire an agency with IT experience. They’ll be better positioned to identify the best candidates for the role and will have the right skills to interrogate the candidate’s qualifications.

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Find Candidates on Your Own

You could find candidates on your own. This is the cheapest option but by far the most time-consuming. You will need to use job boards to promote your vacancies or social media and networking sites like LinkedIn. If you have an internal team, you could ask them for references. It’s a good idea to incentivize recommendations, e.g., offering a $500 gift card or bonus if a candidate that is recommended is hired by your firm. If you need to get your project off the ground quickly, avoid this option. It can take weeks to receive all of the applications you need, not to mention setting up interviews, performing relevant checks, and then extending the offer, which comes with its own lengthy admin process.

The best way to find developers is to remain active in the community. Attend conferences related to ReactJS and network with the attendees. Remain active on Github, Medium, and LinkedIn and publish thought pieces about your company that developers can see and interact with. This will ensure that developers come to you, not the other way around. Of course, this is a longer-term strategy and won’t work if you need to find a whole team of React developers in a pinch.

Use an Agency

Using an outsourcing agency is preferable for most companies that need to hire a whole team in a hurry. This speeds up the entire process considerably because an agency doesn’t have to go through the lengthy recruitment phase – they already have a team of qualified developers who actively write about what they do on their books that are ready to start work in a matter of weeks. on their books that are ready to start work in a matter of weeks. These team members would have been vetted and checked already and might even have worked together on past projects. The benefit of outsourcing is that it is much cheaper as well – you can scale up or down without paying exorbitant fees to the agent. If a developer leaves, they will be replaced. If you use an offshore destination, this entire process becomes even cheaper due to cheaper labor costs and a more favorable exchange rate. You can cut your project cost down by a third by simply using developers based in Eastern Europe rather than recruiting locally, for example.

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Of course, you might have heard horror stories about offshore agents – some justified, others just a myth. It’s essential to do your due diligence. Ask your agency for references and follow up on them. You should also ask for examples of their past projects and examine their code carefully.

You should also set your expectations down in a clearly defined Scope of Work. This should detail precisely what the work will involve and what the deadlines and deliverables will be. You should also get clarity on who the code belongs to and how you will be given access to it after your project. There should also be clear causes related to disputes and non-delivery so that you have recourse if something goes wrong during the process.


There are many paths to hire ReactJS developers for your company. Some are faster and more reliable than others, but whichever path you choose, you won’t regret your decision.

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