8 Web Apps and Libraries You Won’t Like to Miss as a Developer

If you’re a web developer, then you must be definitely aware about the importance of being well acquainted with varied libraries and web apps that can reduce the overall development time. In today’s post, I’ll be making you familiar with some of the most useful web apps and free libraries that would serve as remarkable resources for increasing the productivity while you’re busy developing websites and applications. So, without any more waiting, let’s get straight to these web apps and free libraries!

JS Hint

js hint

If you’re a Javascript developer, JS Hint is a web app you can’t afford to skip. This app will allow you to detect any errors or problems associated with your Javascript code. Plus, you’ll also be offered useful insights on writing complex programs without getting stressed about the language and typing errors. Created and maintained by a computer programmer named Anton Kovalyov, JS Hint is an app that will help you get rid of your coding jitters.



As one of the most popular Javascript libraries for creating colorful triangle meshes, Trianglify has been used and recommended by web developers across the globe. Inspired by btmills/geopattern, Trianglify has its initial version written in just a single day. The version 0.2.0 of Trianglify represents a stunning ground-up rewrite of the original one, with eliminated d3.js dependency.

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The built-in tools available with Pagekit will allow you to create amazing blogs and simple/complex websites. Equipped with a simple interface, Pagekit is fully responsive and works efficiently on any kind of device. Built on top of Symfony components and contemporary open source libraries, Pagekit has a thoroughly modular architecture.

HTML Minifier

HTML Minifier

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Built using a moderated version of HTML parser, HTML Minifier will allow you to remove CDATA sections from scripts and styles. Plus, you’ll also be able to remove attributed quotes, empty/blank attributes, optional tags etc. HTML Minifier also works as the right tool for collapsing whitespaces, removing redundant attributes/values, minify JS, minify CSS and validate input through HTML lint.



If you aren’t good at organizing your code snippets, GistBox will help you with the same. Built on the popular HTML5 web technology, GistBox will save your code library to the cloud for the backup purpose, thereby keeping you stress-free about losing your vital code snippets. Some of the most impressive features of GistBox include: keyboard shortcuts, collapsible file views, feature-rich code editor, group code libraries, search and filters and many more.

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Bitcoin JS


As a pure Javascript Bitcoin library for node.js and browsers, Bitcoin JS serves as the backbone for varied bitcoing web wallets which comprise of over 1.5 million waller consumers. Bitcoin JS is a clean, readable and a proven library for undertaking Bitcoin Javascript development. Features which make Bitcoin JS special include: optimized code, support for HD wallets, strong random number generation, works on Node.js and all modern browsers, Altcoin friendly and many more.



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Iconvault is a web-based icon font generator which allows you to create great icon fonts for your scalable vector graphics. Icon fonts created using Icovault can scale commendably and look stunning at different resolutions, including the screens with retina displays. With Iconvault, you are free to add brilliant CSS styling to your icons such as text-shadows, color, animation, font-size and vertical alignment.

Web Color Data

web color data

If you’ve been getting confused about the colors that have been used on a particular web page, Web Color Data will serve as your best help tool. To get started with using this web app, all you need to do is simply submit the URL of the webpage for which you need to detect the color. The app will automatically extract and analyze the colors used in the respective web page. The results will be displayed in the form of a color palette with a detailed breakdown in percentages.


In order to establish a laudable career in website/app development, you must have an in-depth know-how about the most useful web apps and libraries that can cut down the amount of time and efforts that go into the development process. I’m quite confident the above list would enable you to pick the right fit for your next development project. Do drop in your queries (if any) and suggestions using the comments box provided right under this post.