MixItUp – CSS3 and jQuery Filter & Sort Plugin

MixItup is a powerful and light-weight jQuery plugin which provides awesome animated filtering and categorized ordered content. It smoothly plays with CSS & HTML to make it responsive layout. It’s great for galleries, blogs, portfolios and ordered content.

JQuery is used by MixitUp to hide, show or re-position based on filter to applies the power of CSS3 transitions that smoothly animate these element for location. it’s an efficient way to avoid heavy resource approach including jQuery, animate and absolute position.

MixItUp  - CSS3 and jQuery Filter


  • Filter and sort elements with CSS3-optimised animations
  • Build on top of your existing percentage-based responsive layouts and media queries
  • Control filtering and sorting via a simple clickable interface or build more complex custom UI via an extensive API
  • Customise your animations with CSS3 transforms and easing
  • Add and remove elements in real time via an Ajax-friendly API
  • Perform simultaneous filter, sort, and layout change operations

Browser & Platform Support:

  • Fully functional in desktop Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • Fully functional in iOS and Android browsers
  • Functional in IE8+ with animations disabled, fully functional IE10+


[button url=https://mixitup.kunkalabs.com/ target=blank radius=5 icon=view size=16 color=5B4141]Demo[/button]      [button url=https://github.com/patrickkunka/mixitup target=blank radius=5 icon=download-2 size=16]Download[/button]Best JavaScript Libraries of 2014 One Must Have