How to Make eCommerce Web Development a Greener Pasture for Your Business

eCommerce web development

Today we’ll share an article about How to Make eCommerce Web Development a Greener Pasture for Your Business. Hope our readers will like this useful article.

Anand Chandrasekaran, a former Yahoo executive is leaving India’s largest mobile service provider Bharti aritel to join an eCommerce newbie Snapdeal . Just after 13 months. Startling! Isn’t it!

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“His move is significant given the companies involved and their positions in India, which was the world’s best-performing emerging market last year, followed by the Philippines and Indonesia.” They have quoted the progress of this eCommerce firm – “The New Delhi-based Snapdeal has quickly become one of India’s largest consumer Internet companies in the five years since it was founded by Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal. The company most recently raised $627 million last fall at a $1 billion-plus valuation, making it a so-called unicorn and joining a crowded group of tech startups with stratospheric valuations, including Snapchat, Uber, and Airbnb.” ~ Mashable

Looking at this one can easily make out that ecommerce web development is gaining credence among the audience.

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Why eCommerce is a greener pasture ?

In this extremely busy world people certainly bank on eCommerce to from purchasing groceries to gadgets.

Forrester Research states:

“Ecommerce has become more important than ever for businesses to stay afloat. It won’t be an exaggerated statement to make that businesses can lose customers or revenue by not maintaining an online presence today.”

As per statistics, B2B e-commerce has swollen to $2.7 trillion by 2014 in U.S. itself.

Here is the irony! As per CMO there is a report which says that eCommerce web development companies are performing below expectations. This report has caused a chaos among the companies   who wish to move into ecommerce web development.

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The biggest question which arises is that when eCommerce is an indispensable need of the eCommerce world, then why are the existing forms not raking in money or success.

eCommerce is certainly winning brownie points but will still takes time to completely replace the traditional marketing. Traditional marketing has it’s own advantages such as bargaining. Perhaps a weired idea, but can we make an eCommerce site on which people can bid on products. Another reason why eCommerce sites fail to increase their conversion rate is because they fail to provide a good user experience to the users.

Ecommerce web development can certainly be a cash cow if —

1) If it can gain trust of your audience

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“In ecommerce, everything hinges on trust.” Aptly quoted by Jeremy Smith. “If they don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you.” he adds.

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Further, as per a study by TNS, approx 70% of the web shoppers abandoned their order because they were unable to bestow the “trust” on the website.

You might be thinking on how to win trust of your users? The answers is to use a trust seal.

Now what the heck is that?

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ecommerce web development

A trust seal is verification mark for the visitors from which they can get to know that whether the website they visiting is authentic or not. They are third party companies which collect the data in order to state whether the business conforms to the corporate rules or not.

Technically speaking these seals check the website’s association with SSL or socket layer. Consequently, this implies that your website has been scrutinized and it validates that you provide secure data transmission. This ensures the users to safely carry on the transactions using their bank details.

eCommerce Web Development Authentication-Trust-Protection

Moving further the SSLs are categorized in to two types, namely:

  • standard validation SSL certificates
  • extended validation (EV) SSL certificates

The only difference which lies between the two is that EV requires some extra administrative efforts to figure out information about the domains, which pertains to a little extra cost.

According to the research conducted by TNS (an independent research firm) in April 2005, there is a huge chunk of audience who is well aware about the seal, as only one out of five were not aware of seal. Additionally, 88% of American online shoppers voted that trust seal is a prime requisite for an eCommerce store and 79% online purchasers want to see a seal on a websites home page from which they wish to purchase from.

2) Do not wait for the shopping season to come

Talking about the IBM’s report on last year’s shopping carnivals we saw a whopping 12.6 percent increase in online shopping and the mobile sales soared up by 27.2 percent from 2013 in the “Cyber Week” which is a week counted from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. This does not means that you will wait for these shopping carnivals to come. You need to lunch your apps quite earlier so as to gain customers trust.

3) Mobile friendly Design

ecommerce web development

Mobile devices have nowadays become the first choice of the users. This is the reason why Google has also made responsive web design a design standard which every website must adhere to. Moreover, it was noticed that traffic on eCommerce sites was high from the mobile devices, so it becomes extremely important for them to adopt responsive design standards.

On this Mary Shacklett states – “Web applications should be pared down even further for use on mobile devices, which have smaller system footprints than laptop or desktop computers. If you are deploying your e-commerce site for use on an assortment of mobile platforms, be sure to perform user acceptance testing for each device you are deploying to.”

With so many platforms, plugins and extensions available in the market developing an eCommerce website is no more an uphill task. All you need to know is to provide the best services to your customers in order to get best returns.