Top 10 Free Website Builders That Are Actually “Free” and “Useful”


Online marketing and e-commerce have now become integral parts of the business sphere. Why hire professional web developers when you can create your own website!? Yes, website builders are a boon to the budding web entrepreneurs who want to expand their business and take over the virtual market. You don’t need to be a technical expert or know all about computer language coding; website builders offer a user friendly step by step approach that would help you overcome all the obstacles easily. Let us look into the top 10 free website builders available and how it would contribute to your business:




Wix is among the most popular website builders in the market. It specialises in building professional SEO friendly HTML5 websites. It combines the best of technical expertise and easy responsive framework that is a rage among web developers and budding entrepreneurs alike. You get 500 MB storage and 1 GB bandwidth and Google analytics tools embedded to provide quality support. From the drag and drop interface to the extensive collection of amazing templates and designs, everything contributes to enhancing the appeal of your website. And its services are just not restricted to building a website; you can even create an online portfolio, blogs or resume using Wix.

IM creator


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The simple and easy to use drag and drop feature along with other perks such as web hosting, sub domain name and SEO friendly tools make IM Creator an ideal website builder for entrepreneurs. Also you don’t have to be a software engineer or tech geek to use this site builder, the step by step procedure can be easily understood by anyone who has a basic knowledge of computers. Additional services include 50 MB storage, wide range of customisable designs and templates and quality customer services. And the cross platform compatibility and regularly updated archives of IM Creator only improve the quality and reach of your website.



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Launched in 2004, Jimdo is a relatively new but extremely popular website builder among both professional web developers and amateur entrepreneurs. It supports all platforms and devices, i.e. with Jimdo you can create free HTML5 websites on your smartphone! Along with the usual free web hosting, sub domain name and customer support, this site builder also offers practical e commerce solutions and SEO friendly tools only add on to its functionality. And it’s just not limited to building websites you can even use this to create your own online store, blogs and more! But you can sell a maximum of 5 products on your online store, though there is no transaction free.


Known to be the easiest, simplest and the fastest website builders in the market, SITE123 helps you build your own site in just 3 simple steps. The quick and interactive interface is a delight to work with! There is no need for any kind of technical expertise just a basic knowledge about computers is enough. SITE123 offers a variety of packages such as the pro (paid) and free packs for users to choose from. In the free package you can avail free SEO improvement tools, a sub domain name and SITE123 branding. Here you also get 500 GB storage and a 1 GB bandwidth along with compatible templates and editing tools.

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Launched recently, SiteBuilder has built quite a reputation over the years. Thanks to this website builder you can create top quality stunning web pages without spending a penny! The drag and drop editor and responsive design of this builder are very easy to use. Browse through the extensive archives of images ready made templates and professional layouts that are conveniently divided into various categories. It also offers free web hosting, domain name, its branding and an opportunity to build more than one website. You can even create your own blog and several landing pages using Site Builder.


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Although this site builder is comparatively new and unknown, Sitey is ideal for users who want to create a professional website. Sitey works well on all platforms and devices, the responsive interface is well suited for both smartphones and laptops. The free plan includes a 50 MB storage and 1 GB bandwidth along with a maximum file upload size of 5 MB. You can even access the extensive archives of images and 100+ customisable templates that can be easily integrated in your website. And you can add social media links as well to increase the reach of your website.


ucraft is among the easiest site builders for users who want create an SEO friendly website. The responsive drag and drop interface along with the extensive range of templates and ready made layouts simplify editing the web page. Also on choosing the ucraft free plan you will be able to create one page website with a free domain name and ucraft branding. It is a great site building tool for entrepreneurs who want to build landing pages. Using ucraft you can create top notch professional websites that can run on all platforms and devices.

Building your own website has never been easier! Thanks to these top quality website builders anyone can now create their own websites, blogs or online stores.


WebsiteBuilder is a well-known brand in the marker known for creating professional quality websites free of cost. And you don’t need to be an expert in coding or software to launch your website- a simple step by step approach guides you through the process. The easy drag and drop interface and interactive design are a delight to work with. Other common services include free web hosting, sub domain name, and free banner branding at the footer. You even get a wide range of beautiful templates and hundreds of professional designs that would further help you.


A popular website builder among professional and amateur businessmen, Weebly has been in business for quite a while. It’s included in many lists of the best builders and you can be sure in this if you will check best free website builders. This free and responsive site builder runs on all platforms and comes with a lot of options and perks. From free web hosting and domain name to smart e-commerce solutions you get it all here. And with its ready made templates and attractive layouts you can create unlimited pages and even get a chance to build your own online store! You even get to access the HTML/CSS codes to modify your website accordingly. Also the SEO friendly tools and a drag and drop editor only enhance the functionality of your websites.


Yola is a great website building tool for budding entrepreneurs who want to develop pretty websites for their businesses. The free package by Yola allows you to make not one but five websites! And that’s not all, you even get free web hosting services and second level domain name, 1 GB storage and top quality customer support that simplifies your job all the more. But the 5 websites package deal steals the show. Add to that the customisable templates and free archives of images to create a no banner and add free websites and you’ve got a keeper!