Awesome Diagonal Slideshow

Awesome Diagonal Slideshow

This Diagonal slideshow has a diagonal look and three evident slides. Pretty background element expands to full screen when opening the content preview.

We are going to share a Diagonal slideshow idea. Yes, we are sharing an awesome slideshow layout with our users. This is a diagonal type of look in which the current slide is in the center of the page and the previous and next images can be seen sideways. One in the upper left corner and one in the lowest right corner of the page.

When you’ll click on the present slide, the ornate background element expands to full screen and the image moves to the left side of the screen and the content liven up in.

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When we navigate, the whole thing moves diagonally. It also has a subtle hover effect on the current slide. When clicking on the current slide, the deco element inflates to full screen and the image moves to the left and the content appears.

This diagonal slideshow is really cool and pretty as you would definitely love.

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Awesome Diagonal Slideshow

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