Beautiful CSS3 Sass Animation and Transitions

Saffron is a simple but beautiful CSS3 Sass animation and transitions. This is a mixin library for animations and transitions.

Saffron is a group of Sass mixins that’s responsible for adding CSS3 Sass animation and transitions in a simpler way.

This CSS3 Animation tool will also help you.

You just need to embrace a mixin in your Sass assertion and then set any configuration using variable and mixin parameters.

By using Saffron, you’ve comprehensive control over how your animations and transitions should deport themselves.

There are many Sass animation examples and mixins can be seen made by developers. They develop in a wonderful and perfect way to animate CSS Sass and Sass CSS3 transitions so user get wonderful experience.

So, get this beautiful CSS3 Sass animation and transitions and go for your Sass development.

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