Deal of The Week: The Freelance Formula – Video Course

Being a freelancer certainly has its advantages. You get to be your own boss, make your own hours and do something you love. Unfortunately, there’s also some downsides to it. You can spend long hours hunting down clients for not-so-great pay.

What you’d love to have is a great work/life balance, with a solid income stream. With the proper education, you can actually achieve that. Thanks to Andy Cunning’s Freelance Formula, you can learn how to turn your freelance design hobby into a full-fledged career! Take advantage of this Mighty Deal and get over 3 hours of video lessons  that will help you learn to balance work/life hours, make more than 6 figures a year, and find the perfect clients. And for a limited time only, you can get this career-changing course for over 60% off!

Freelance Formula Highlights:

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  • Start a Successful Freelance Design Career
    Whether you’re just starting out or are already freelancing on the side, this robust course will help you kickstart a more lucrative and successful freelance design career. You’ll get the lowdown on how to double your freelance design income, where and how to find the top-paying clients, and how to basically earn more without burning yourself out!
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
    With these high-quality video lectures, you can completely learn at your own pace. Watch all the videos straight in a row. Re-watch the same one over and over. Watch one a week, while you practice what you’ve learned. The pacing is completely up to you and your schedule.
  • 7 Course Modules
    The Freelance Formula course is broken down into 7 distinct modules to make it easier for you to learn and process the necessary steps. These modules cover everything from setting up your portfolio to learning about pricing to marketing your work. Here’s a look at the 7 modules:
    • Module 1: Power Up Your Portfolio
    • Module 2: Get Clients Fast!
    • Module 3: Control Your Clients
    • Module 4: Master Money
    • Module 5: Marketing Miracles
    • Module 6: Freelance Forever
    • Module 7: The Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts
  • More Than 25 Lectures and 3+ Hours
    Your video education spans more than 25 specific lectures, for a total of over 3 hours of learning. Each of the 7 modules is broken down into a number of smaller video lectures to truly focus on a different aspect of your freelance design education. This way you can master each segment individually, rather than being overwhelmed by one long lesson.
  • Learn How Andy Doubled His Income Freelancing
    With the proper skills and proper motivation, you can find freelance design careers pulling in more than $100k per year. That’s what the Freelance Formula is all about: helping you become a successful freelancer who can manage a work/life balance, find your dream clients, work even less hours, while earning six figures annually all by doing something that you love.
  • Perfect for Freelancers of All Types
    While this course is spot on perfect for Graphic Designers, there are many freelancers out there who can gain a tremendous amount of knowledge from taking this course. Those types of people who should attend include: graphic designers, Web designers, photographers, illustrators, creative professionals, art directors, motion graphic designers, copywriters, 3D designers, graduate designers, senior designers and more!
  • Additional Freelance Resources
    Besides video tutorials, you’ll also get a number of helpful resources for the Freelance Formula course. The Resource Rolodex is your perfect go-to place for finding a number of freelance resources to truly kickstart your career!
  • Bonus Videos
    In addition to everything mentioned above, your purchase of this Mighty Deal includes a collection of bonus videos! You’ll also get the incredibly informative 3-part video series 7 Mistakes Freelancers Make and How To Avoid Them!



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