Deal of The Week: 400+ Professional Cartoon Characters

If your site seems a bit stale this days, perhaps you need a tune up. Or make that a Toon Up. Adding colorful cartoony characters to any project instantly brings the fun! Don’t worry, you can skip the art classes for now. Instead, jump on this toontastic Mighty Deal from Toon Characters today! This awesome deal has been brought back, by popular demand.


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For a limited time only, you can get 80% off this collection of over 400 professional cartoon character illustrations. From businessmen to superheroes to nutty professors, you’ll get a wide variety of characters and an even wider range of poses to choose from. These guys are just perfect for websites, advertising, presentations, logos, T-shirts and any other project that needs a little bit of personality.

Cartoon Character Design Highlights:

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  • 10 Cartoon Characters
    Looking for a new mascot? Or maybe you want a few characters to interact throughout your website or project. With this massive collection of cartoon character illustrations, you’ll get 10 different characters to play around with including: Elegant Businessman, Businesswoman, Ninja, Superhero, Smart Girl, Nutty Professor, and more.
  • 400+ Different Poses
    Every character comes in all sorts of different poses, for a monstrous total of more than 400 unique illustrations. What kind of poses are we talking about here? Every character is acting out a number of activities such as giving speeches, holding objects, pointing, putting their hands up, shopping, giving a thumbs up, and loads more.
  • 3 Bundle Sizes Available
    How big or small do you need your cartoon characters? This Mighty Deal gives you the option of three different sizes: Medium, Large, and Ultimate Pack which includes the original files.
  • Create Your Own Characters (Ultimate Pack only)
    When you purchase the Ultimate Pack, you’ll also get the original source vector files. With them, you can easily change up any of the characters. Mix and match to your heart’s desire. Feel free to change up the colors, sizes, effects, details and more. Each character’s file is separated out for easy editing such as emotions, arms, eyes, clothes and heads. Mix things up any way you’d like!


So what do these guys and gals look like? Cast your eyes downwards for a peek at this cartoon family! (Click each preview image to see more.)

Elegant Businessman (56 action poses)

Poised, professional and perfectly happy. That pretty much sums up this distinguished-yet-smiling businessman. Through 56 different poses, you’ll see the blue tie-wearing guy interact with all sorts of relatable items including a laptap, briefcase, blank sign, gift box, a hardhat and even a giant pencil.

Elegant Businessman Cartoon Characters

Business Woman (50 action poses)

Not to be outdone by her male counterpart, this professional-yet-fun businesswoman exudes seriousness with a dash of fun. Choose from a bevvy of emotions and poses (that’d be 50 different ones!), as she interacts with all sorts of props like shopping bags, a computer, one ginormous envelope and loads more!

Business Woman Cartoon Characters

Ninja Zip (22 action poses)

Not all ninja are super scary killing machines. Take this blue ninja for instance. Sure he’s all business but come on, just look at how adorable he is with those blue sneakers and that giant zipper on the front of his outfit. Expect to find all sorts of weapons like throwing stars and swords, as well as general props including blank signs, a computer and yes, even envelopes. Hey, anything’s a deadly weapon in a trained ninja’s hands!

Ninja Zip Cartoon Characters

Geek Superhero (16 action poses)

Half geek, half superhero, all hilarious. Yep, this geeky superhero will add some really powerful laughs to your next project through 16 different poses. And that’s just super, ain’t it?

Geek Superhero Cartoon Characters

Smart Girl (50 action poses)

This cute and intelligent girl knows a thing or two about everything. Just look at her and you can tell she’s one smart cookie. Know what else is smart? Taking advantage of this incredible Mighty Deal to get this cartoony Smart Girl in 50 different poses, that’s just darn smart!

Smart Girl Cartoon Characters

Shiny Superhero (15 action poses)

Talk about a super collection of illustrations! Get 15 action-packed poses from the goodest Good Guy we know! The blonde-haired, blue-caped Do-Gooder strikes various poses for you, as well as holding up a few blank signs for you to fill with whatever text or logo you’d like.

Shiny Superhero Cartoon Characters

Nutty Professor (56 action poses)

All that’s missing from this Nutty Professor is smoke pouring out of your computer! This guy’s your typical wacko with crazy hair, a white lab coat and those giant round glasses. Besides offering up a slew of different gestures, this collection of 56 different illustrations include a number of integrated props like a computer, heart, gift, envelope and more.

Nutty Professor Cartoon Characters

Smart Boy (56 action poses)

This guy clearly has all the answers! We just want to know what the questions are! Choose from 56 different poses from this blue sweater-wearing, grinning Smart Boy. Also features a number of props interacting with him, such as a giant heart, gift box, podium and more.

Smart Boy Cartoon Characters

Cute Girl (56 action poses)

Maybe you’re running a fashion or apparel website. If so, this Cute Girl has 56 different poses to help you sell your inventory. She’s already way more fashionable than we are. You should see us at the Mighty Deals office, we’re lucky if our T-shirts aren’t inside out.

Cute Girl Cartoon Characters

Young Businessman (56 action poses)

This guy’s really got it going on. Salesman. PR spokesman. Business executive. Whatever your needs this Young Businessman is available in 56 different poses to help conquer the business world. He’s already prepared to do just that with an arsenal of props at his disposal such as a briefcase, sunglasses, headset, giant TV and more.

Young Businessman Cartoon Characters