890 Unique Handwritten Decorative Shapes

There’s just something special about hand-drawn designs. They add a real human touch to things and certainly help any project stand out from the normally pixelated pack. Whether you’re working online or offline, this style just screams “personal touch”.

If you’re looking to give a more personal feel to your latest work, this Mighty Deal definitely has your number. Created by Cruzine, this collection of 890 handwritten decorative shapes is guaranteed to give your latest design that homespun feel. Full of dividers, ornaments, shapes, ribbons, and more, this mega bundle won’t just save you time designing, but it’ll also save you a pretty penny in the process! Act now and you can get the entire professional bundle at a savings of over 70% off the regular price!

Handwritten Decorative Shapes Bundle Highlights:

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  • 890 High-Quality Shapes
    Add a real personal touch to your next project with this fabulous collection of handwritten shapes. Browse through 890 high-quality professional shapes!
  • Fully Customizable
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you the original Illustrator and Photoshop files for these decorative shapes. That means you can easily go in and customize any of them to suit your needs. Change up the size, shape, color or even detail!
  • Huge Variety of Shapes
    No matter what your next project is, you’re bound to find the decorative shape that’s just right for you. Choose from a ton of different types of ribbons, dividers, ornaments, corners, word balloons, hearts, stars, and so much more!
  • 6 Different Bundles
    This Mighty Deal consists of 6 separate bundles from Cruzine. Each set features some incredible highly-crafted handwritten decorative shapes.
  • Multiple Uses
    This Decorative Shapes collection can be used in a multitude of ways both online and in print! Use them for logos, T-shirts, websites, nav bars, emails, posters, flyers, reports, restaurant menus, and just about anything else you can think of!


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