Deal of The Week: 1200 Professional Vector Icons

Have a lot to say, but don’t have enough space to say it all? Yeah, that’s why some design geniuses came up with the icon years ago. Those little buggers can say so much in just a tiny little picture. What’s more is that over the years, many popular icons have just become part of the mainstream, so their function is obvious just by appearance alone.


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Well, if you need to add some icons to your site, you’d certainly benefit greatly from an icon collection! This bundle, from PixelBazaar, features 2 different versions of the same icon set, containing 600 pictograms apiece. That’s a total of 1,200 high-quality professional icons to add to your site. What’s more, thanks to your iconic pals at Mighty Deals, you can take home this beautiful bundle for a limited time at a 60% discount! You don’t need a special icon to tell you to jump on this deal now, do you?

1200 Vector Icons Bundle Highlights:

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  • 1,200 High-Quality Icons
    If you’re looking for a high-quality professional collection of icons, you’ve come to the right Mighty Deal! This bundle includes 2 icon packs containing 600 icons apiece. One set features an outlined line version of the set, while the second includes the same icons but done up in a solid, filled-in format. That gives you a total of 1,200 different pictograms to choose from!
  • Dozens of Icon Categories
    This incredible collection of vector icons features the standard icons you’d find on most browsers and apps, but it also includes a wonderful variety of icon categories as well. You’ll find amazing icons for categories like ecommerce, business, weather, electronics, food, buildings, social media, arrows, fitness, emoticons, and loads more!
  • 3 Pre-Set Sizes
    Sure, icons are small, but how small do you want to go? It depends on your site and the specific use for each icon. That’s why this collection includes all icons in 3 pre-set sizes: 16×16 pixels, 32×32 pixels, and 64×64 pixels. Just pick your size and you’re ready to go. Talk about a time saver!
  • Fully Customizable
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you transparent PNG files of all included icons, but you’ll also get AI, EPS and SVG files. That means you can dive in and customize these icons as you need. Change up the size, color, or even details of any of them with ease.


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