Marija Tiurina Brilliantly Designed Fruits as Characters

Fruits as Characters

Really love to see colorful, delicious and yummy fruits as characters brilliantly designed by Marija Tiurina.

You might love to eat fruits, for sure but have you ever seen fruits as characters? Well, London based artist Marija stunningly, creatively and beautifully designed all fruits as characters with perfect color matching scheme.

I believe artist is what who design even single piece of art out there visualization. His art piece speaks rather than he when designing something. He never need to think twice to make any art as he creates any design without having any second thought. An artist or designer see everything with an art-eye. Cup of tea or coffee, glass of water, bubble of soap or shampoo, piece of cloud, mist, pinch of dust or color, floral, veggies etc.

His mind immediately catches what he wants to create by seeing an unimportant and common object.  Daily bases objects turned into wonderful creation. This is all about mind game. Same has done by Marija who created fruits as characters with imaginative and skillful thoughts.

Each image is made with full perfection from color scheme to an object. I am sure you guys would love the way he worked with fruits.

Fruits-as-CharactersFruits as CharactersFruits-as-CharactersFruits-as-CharactersFruits as CharactersFruits-as-CharactersFruits-as-CharactersFruits-as-CharactersFruits as CharactersFruits-as-CharactersFruits-as-CharactersFruits-as-CharactersFruits-as-CharactersFruits-as-CharactersFruits as CharactersFruits-as-CharactersFruits-as-CharactersFruits-as-Characters

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