Discover the Car with S Logo: Guide to CARS Starting with S

Discover the Car with S - Logo Guide to CARS Starting with S

Have you ever seen a car with S logo, and wondered what brand of car it is? With so many car brands on the market, it can be difficult to identify the one you saw.

The automobile industry has come a long way since its humble beginnings. In the past century, cars have evolved from simple machines to sophisticated technological marvels. As the industry has grown, so have the number of auto manufacturers and the variety of car brands available.

When it comes to car brands, few letters of the alphabet are as iconic as “S”. From Subaru and Saab to Suzuki and Scion, many car brands have become household names thanks to their memorable logos and attractive designs. But with so many car brands that start with “S”, it can be difficult to decide which one is the right fit for you.

That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of car with S logo. Whether you’re looking for a reliable sedan, a luxurious SUV, or a powerful sports car, you’ll find something to suit your needs. Car Name Starting With S.

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Car Brands Starting With S


Subaru Logo Meaning

Subaru is a Japanese car manufacturer that was founded in 1953. From the iconic Impreza WRX to the practical Forester, Subaru offers a wide range of vehicles that are perfect for any lifestyle. Subaru has been a popular car brand for decades, renowned for its reliability, safety features, and innovative design.

Subaru has long been an iconic car manufacturer, with its distinctive S logo becoming a symbol of adventure and reliability. Since its inception in 1954, Subaru has been at the forefront of the automobile industry, producing reliable, affordable, and capable vehicles for drivers around the world. From the classic Leone and Impreza to the modern Outback, Forester, and Ascent, Subaru has become a household name that stands for dependability, style, and performance. With its innovative safety features, efficient engines, and rugged styling, Subaru is the perfect car for any driver looking for a reliable, safe ride.


Saab, with its S logo, has been a beloved manufacturer of cars for over 70 years. Founded in 1945, the Swedish automaker has crafted some of the most iconic and reliable cars on the market. From the luxury of the 9-5 to the performance of the 9000, Saab has always been a leader in innovation and quality. With a reputation for safety and durability, Saab has earned its place as a leader in the auto industry. Whether you’re looking for a new car or a classic, Saab has a vehicle for every taste and need.

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The iconic S logo has been synonymous with Suzuki for decades. From its humble beginnings as a small automobile and motorcycle manufacturer in Japan, Suzuki has grown to become one of the world’s leading automotive brands. With its dedication to innovation, quality, and performance, Suzuki continues to make waves in the auto industry, with its vehicles gracing the roads of many countries around the globe. From the classic Suzuki Swift to the powerful Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki has a vehicle to suit every taste and lifestyle.


Scion is a division of Toyota Motor Corporation that specializes in producing vehicles specifically designed for the youth market. Founded in 2003, the brand has quickly become a household name among younger drivers, offering a wide array of stylish, affordable models that are designed to fit the lifestyle of the modern driver. With an emphasis on style, Scion cars are designed to make a statement, whether that statement is about being cool or being efficient.

In addition to its stylish designs, Scion cars are also known for their quality and dependability, making them a popular choice among those looking for a reliable car. Thanks to its unique approach to car design and its commitment to providing the highest quality vehicles, Scion has achieved numerous awards, including being named the “Best Overall Value” by the International Council of Automotive Executives.

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Shelby is an automotive company with a long and storied history. Founded by legendary race car driver Carroll Shelby in 1962, the company has been responsible for some of the most iconic performance cars of all time. From the Ford Mustang-based Shelby Cobra to the legendary Shelby GT500, Shelby has produced some of the most iconic American muscle cars. In addition to its performance cars,

Shelby has also produced specialty vehicles, such as the Shelby Super Snake and the Shelby Raptor, as well as performance parts and accessories. Over the years, Shelby has achieved numerous automotive accolades, including induction into the Automotive Hall of Fame, and recognition as one of the top 10 performance car makers of all time. Today, Shelby continues to produce performance cars, parts, and accessories, ensuring that their legacy of excellence continues for generations to come.


Scania is a Swedish vehicle manufacturer, renowned for producing some of the most reliable and powerful trucks, buses, and coaches in the world. It has a long and storied history of producing vehicles for both military and civilian purposes that date back to the late 19th century. Over the last century, Scania has made immense contributions to the automotive industry, and today, its vehicles are prestigious, robust, and reliable.

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Scania is renowned for making some of the best heavy-duty vehicles in the world. Its range of buses and coaches is designed to be comfortable and reliable, while its trucks are strong, durable, and powerful. It has also achieved many technological advancements in the automotive industry that have allowed its vehicles to be more fuel-efficient, safer, and more reliable.

Scania is an iconic brand that is known for its quality, reliability, and performance. It has achieved numerous awards and accolades for its vehicles, including being honored with the 2020 EU Transport Award. It’s a leader in the automotive industry and continues to innovate and create vehicles that are both reliable and powerful.


Smart is a German automotive manufacturer that was founded in 1994 by Daimler and Swatch. Smart is best known for its iconic two-seater city cars, which are characterized by their unique design and minimal size. Smart has been credited with initiating the trend of urban-friendly, fuel-efficient cars, and its success soon spawned a whole new class of vehicles known as “city cars.”

In the decades since its launch, Smart has released a range of models, including a four-seater, electric versions, and a pick-up truck. Smart has achieved many milestones in its history, including being the first company to produce a full-electric vehicle approved for road use in Europe. The company has also won numerous awards for its engineering and design, and its vehicles have been featured in various films and TV shows.


Studebaker is a legendary American car manufacturer with a storied history. Founded in 1852, the company began as a blacksmith shop in South Bend, Indiana, before expanding into the production of wagons for farmers and the military. Over the years, Studebaker diversified its offerings and produced a variety of cars, including the Studebaker President 8, the first American car to feature a V8 engine. The company also produced many innovative electric automobiles, including the iconic Studebaker electric delivery wagon.

Throughout its history, Studebaker has earned a distinguished reputation for its innovation and quality, producing some of the most iconic cars of the 20th century. In its heyday, Studebaker was a major player in the auto industry, but by the mid-1960s, the company began to decline, eventually closing its doors in 1967. Despite its eventual demise, Studebaker’s legacy remains strong, as evidenced by its iconic cars and its impressive list of achievements.


Spyker is a Dutch supercar manufacturer with a long history of producing some of the most exciting cars on the market. Founded in 1880, the company originally produced luxury carriages and other horse-drawn vehicles. However, it was not until 1999 that Spyker began producing the high-performance sports cars they are known for today. Over the years, Spyker has created some truly remarkable vehicles, such as the C8 Spyder, C8 Double Twelve, and C8 Aileron.

These cars, with their sleek and powerful design, have become a symbol of luxury and prestige. In addition to their cars, Spyker has also achieved success in various motorsport series, including the FIA GT Championship, 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the American Le Mans Series. With their commitment to engineering excellence, Spyker continues to push the boundaries of supercar design.


SEAT is a Spanish automotive manufacturer that has been producing cars since the 1950s. Its cars are known for their quality, style, and affordability, making them a great option for those looking for a reliable and stylish ride. SEAT has become one of the largest car producers in Europe and is the only major car manufacturer based in Spain.

Over the years, the company has achieved several milestones, such as launching its first electric vehicle, the SEAT Mii electric, in 2020. The company has also released a range of hybrid and plug-in hybrids, including the SEAT Leon e-Hybrid, which won the 2020 Car of the Year award. With its cutting-edge technology, stylish design, and affordability, SEAT is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a reliable and stylish vehicle.

Sainte Claire

The Sainte Claire Automobile Company has a rich history in the world of cars. Founded in 1920, Sainte Claire has been a leader in innovation and craftsmanship. From producing early sportscars to luxury vehicles, Sainte Claire has produced some of the most sought-after cars in the world. Today, Sainte Claire continues to produce vehicles that are renowned for their attention to detail, high-quality craftsmanship, and performance. Over the years, Sainte Claire has earned numerous awards for its vehicles, including being named the Most Prestigious Automobile Company in the world in 2020. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Sainte Claire continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in automotive design and engineering.


Saturn was an American brand of cars, SUVs, and minivans that was established in 1985 as a subsidiary of General Motors. It was initially sold in only a few states, but it eventually became available in all 50 states. Saturn was best known for its no-haggle pricing, customer-friendly service policies, and fuel-efficient vehicles. It also had a distinct look, with its distinctive plastic body panels. Saturn was initially marketed as a “different kind of car company,” and it achieved some important successes, such as the introduction of the first mass-produced plastic-bodied car, the Saturn S-Series.

It also became known for its excellent customer service, which included a no-questions-asked money-back satisfaction policy. In its heyday, Saturn was one of the most innovative and successful automakers in the United States, and it earned several awards including the 1995 Motor Trend Car of the Year and the 1996 JD Power Initial Quality Award. Unfortunately, the brand was discontinued in 2009, but its legacy and achievements still live on.


Škoda is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world, having been founded in 1895 in Czechoslovakia. In the more than 120 years since then, Škoda has become a major name in the automotive industry, producing a wide range of cars that span from small city cars to large family vehicles. The brand’s vehicles are known for their practicality and modern design, and the company has achieved several successes, such as winning the Formula One World Constructors’ Championship in 1982. Škoda cars have become increasingly popular in recent years, with a wide selection of models now available to suit any lifestyle. From the practical and economical Citigo to the luxurious and dynamic Kodiaq, Škoda has a vehicle for everyone.


Saleen is a renowned American car manufacturer with a rich history and impressive achievements in performance tuning and producing high-performance vehicles. Founded in 1983 by Steve Saleen, the company has a long history of producing custom-made and limited-edition cars, as well as offering performance-enhancing parts and accessories. Saleen is renowned for producing some of the world’s most iconic and powerful cars, including the Saleen S7, Saleen Mustang, Saleen S302, and Saleen S331.

Over the years, Saleen has won numerous awards and accolades, including the prestigious Automotive Excellence Award and Motor Trend Magazine’s Car of the Year Award. Saleen has also been the official supplier of Ford Mustang performance parts and accessories since the mid-1990s, and the company continues to develop and manufacture the highest quality performance parts and accessories for the Mustang.


The Sterling car, an American automobile manufactured in North America between 1987 and 1991, was a marvel of its time, offering a wide range of models, components, and form factors. Whether you were looking for a sedan or a hatchback, Sterling had you covered!

Sterling was the brainchild of the Austin Rover Company, a company specializing in producing compact cars for the working class. With its distinct blue and green lines and its name proudly displayed above, the Sterling logo was quickly recognizable among all the other cars on the road.

The mission of the Austin Rover Company was to provide vehicles that were both affordable and reliable. And Sterling certainly fit the bill, with its impressive line of models. You could find a Sterling, whether it was a sedan or hatchback, with all the features you were looking for, without breaking the bank.


SsangYong is an automotive manufacturing company that has been producing cars for over 70 years. Founded in 1954, SsangYong has become a leading car manufacturer in South Korea, with a wide range of vehicles ranging from luxury to utilitarian. It has achieved various milestones over the years such as being the first Korean carmaker to launch a 4WD vehicle and the first to receive a European Design Award.

SsangYong prides itself on producing cars that are reliable and efficient, with some of its most popular models including the Tivoli, Rexton, and Korando. With its innovative and reliable designs, SsangYong is a brand that can be trusted to deliver quality cars to its customers.


SAIC, formally known as Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in China. Founded in 1957, SAIC has grown to become a leader in the Chinese auto industry, producing a range of vehicles, from sedans to SUVs. Over the years, SAIC has achieved numerous automotive milestones and has won praise for its quality and innovative products.

In addition to its domestic market, SAIC has also established a presence in overseas markets, exporting its vehicles to countries around the world. From its early days as a state-owned company to its current status as a publicly-traded corporation, SAIC has always been at the forefront of innovation in the automotive industry.

SSC North America

Since its inception in 1998, SSC North America has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance vehicles. The company, based in West Richland, Washington, specializes in hand-built supercars and hypercars that are designed to be both visually and mechanically stunning. The cars are designed with a focus on performance, power, speed, and luxury, and they have achieved some impressive accomplishments over the years.

SSC North America has produced some of the world’s fastest cars, including the Ultimate Aero and Tuatara, both of which held the Guinness World Record for fastest production car from 2007 to 2020. The company has also produced a variety of different models, from the family-friendly SSC Sedan to the wild and extreme SSC Beast. And in 2019, SSC North America unveiled its latest model, the SSC Tuatara, which has been called the world’s first true hypercar.


Sisu is a Finnish automotive brand with a rich history of producing quality vehicles and a record of significant achievements. Founded in 1931 by the Swedish-Finnish engineering company AB Sisu Auto, the company initially focused on producing commercial vehicles, but soon expanded to passenger cars in 1954. Throughout its history, Sisu has produced a wide range of vehicles, including the iconic Sisu Polar, the Sisu 46, the Sisu 170, and the Sisu 245.

Throughout its history, Sisu has achieved several accolades and awards, including the Best in Class award at the 1976 Paris Motor Show, the Best in Show award at the 1977 Geneva Motor Show, and the Golden Steering Wheel award from the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport in 1978. Sisu continues to hold a place of honor in the Finnish automobile industry, and its vehicles remain highly sought after for their dependability and quality.

GTA Motor & Spania

GTA Motor & Spania is a legendary automotive brand with a rich history that dates back to the early 1900s. Founded in Valencia, Spain, the company has a long and proud reputation for developing innovative, high-performance cars and engines. They have been at the forefront of motorsport for decades, winning countless trophies and titles in various forms of racing.

Their cars boast agile handling, powerful engines, and striking design that has made them favorites among drivers and collectors alike. From the iconic GTA Spano supercar to their current range of production vehicles, GTA Motor & Spania has been known for pushing the boundaries of performance and design. With a long list of achievements and awards, it’s no wonder GTA Motor & Spania is one of the most prestigious automotive brands in the world.


Singulato is an automotive company based in China that has been dedicated to building electric vehicles since its inception in 2014. The company has made great strides in the development of electric vehicles, with its first vehicle, the Singulato iS6, being the first mass-produced pure electric sedan in China.

In 2019, Singulato achieved the milestone of having sold over a million vehicles, making them one of the leading players in the Chinese EV market. The company currently offers a range of electric cars for both personal and business use, including the iS6, iS5, iS4, and iS3. Singulato has also achieved many technological breakthroughs, such as the development of its battery management system, which helps to make its vehicles more efficient and reliable.


Setra is a leading German manufacturer of luxury coaches and buses. Founded in 1951, Setra has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the transportation industry. The company produces a range of vehicles including luxury touring coaches, city buses, and school buses. From the outset, Setra has been committed to providing superior comfort, safety, and reliability in all of its vehicles.

Over the years, the company has achieved numerous awards and accolades including multiple European Innovation Awards and the German Design Award. Setra has also been recognized for its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility with numerous certifications, including ISO 14001, EMAS III, and the Green Label. With a legacy of excellence, Setra is the industry leader in providing superior quality, service, and innovation.


Stutz is an iconic American automobile brand that has been around since 1911. Founded by Harry Stutz, the company quickly became a household name thanks to its powerful and luxurious vehicles. Throughout its long history, Stutz has been known for many achievements, including the production of the world’s first-ever production sports car, the Stutz Bearcat.

The company has also been credited with having created some of the most iconic cars of all time, such as the Stutz Blackhawk and the Stutz Roadster. These cars, which are still highly sought after today, are a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Today, Stutz continues to be a leader in the automotive industry and is seen as a symbol of American luxury and power.


Shacman is one of China’s leading truck and heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers. Established in 1968, the company has quickly become an industry leader in the manufacture of commercial trucks and heavy-duty vehicles. Its range of vehicles includes light-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and special-purpose vehicles.

Shacman has won numerous accolades for its commitment to quality and innovation, including the China Quality Award and the National Quality Award. It has also been recognized by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers as one of the most influential enterprises in the industry. In addition to its vehicle production,

Shacman has also become a leader in research and development, having developed a series of advanced technologies that are now widely used in the industry. Its achievements are a testament to its commitment to providing customers with the highest level of quality and performance.


Spirra is a luxury car brand that has been around for over a decade. Founded in 2008, Spirra has become known for its high-end cars that feature cutting-edge technology and exquisite design. The company’s cars are considered to be some of the most advanced and luxurious automobiles in the world. Spirra has achieved several awards in the industry, including Best Luxury Car in 2016 and Best Sports Car in 2017.

The company is also renowned for its attention to detail, from exterior design to interior comfort. From the signature grille to the signature alloy wheels, every detail is crafted with precision and care. Spirra cars are designed to provide the highest level of comfort and performance, and the brand is committed to creating vehicles that are both stylish and innovative.


Saipa is an Iranian automotive manufacturing company established in 1965. It is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the Middle East, with an annual production capacity of over 750,000 vehicles. Saipa is renowned for producing a variety of cars, ranging from small hatchbacks to sedans, SUVs, and minivans. The company has also ventured into producing hybrid and electric vehicles, with its first electric car model, the Saipa V2, being released in 2017.

In its 46 years of operation, Saipa has achieved numerous accomplishments in the automotive industry. In 2017, it was ranked first in terms of domestic market share, and it has also been listed among the world’s top-selling car brands. Additionally, the company is a leader in the Iranian automotive industry, setting standards in quality and safety. Saipa is also actively engaged in research and development, with several patents in the field.


Simca is a French automotive brand with a long and illustrious history. Founded in 1934, the company has produced a wide variety of cars, ranging from small city runabouts to large, luxurious saloons. Simca’s most successful model was the popular Simca 8, which was produced from 1951 to 1958 and sold over 800,000 units. Its successor, the Simca 1100, was even more successful, with over 1 million units sold in its first two years alone.

In addition to these two iconic models, Simca also had success with its smaller cars, such as the Simca 1000 and the Simca Horizon, as well as its larger saloons, such as the Simca 1510 and the Simca 1600. Simca also achieved success in racing, with the Simca 1000 winning the Monte Carlo Rally in 1961. Simca’s legacy continues today with the brand’s current parent company FCA, which has continued to produce many popular cars based on Simca’s designs.


The singer is a British automobile manufacturer founded in 1875. Throughout its long history, Singer has been associated with luxury and style, with a focus on combining performance, quality, and elegance. Singer vehicles have won numerous awards, including the prestigious Silver Medal at the Paris Motor Show in 1897.

The singer has a long and proud history of innovation. Throughout the years, Singer has produced a range of cars from sports cars to family vehicles. The singer was one of the first automakers to introduce the concept of fuel injection, a technological advancement that was a precursor to modern fuel-injection systems. Singer vehicles also featured advanced suspension and braking systems, which helped them achieve superior handling and performance.

Today, many of Singer’s vehicles are considered classics, with some models fetching high prices in collector’s markets. Singer’s commitment to quality and innovation continues to this day, with their cars still demonstrating the same level of performance, quality, and style that they have been known for since their inception.


Soueast is a Chinese automotive manufacturer based in Fujian province, specializing in the production of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, minivans, and SUVs. Founded in 1995, Soueast has become one of the leading automotive brands in China and has established a strong presence in global markets.

Its products are sold in over 80 countries and regions around the world. From its early days as a small workshop in the suburbs of Zhejiang province, Soueast has experienced rapid growth, becoming one of the largest automotive manufacturers in China.

Its lineup of cars includes the V3 Lingyue, V5 Lioncel, and V6 Vivace, as well as a range of minivans, SUVs, and light commercial vehicles. Soueast also holds numerous industry awards and recognitions, including China’s Most Valuable Automobile Brand, China’s Most Popular Automobile Brand, and China’s Most Innovative Automobile Brand.

So, if you’re in the market for a car, consider one of the many car with S logo. From reliable sedans to powerful sports cars, these car manufacturers offer something for everyone.