En Vogue – The Shopping UI Kit From PixelKit

One of the best places to look when you are trying to streamline your job is the user interface. The UI kit includes the buttons, sliders, icons, and other features that the site’s interface needs. Creating these items can take quite a long time and you probably do not have all of that time to spare.

Those developers that outsource their UI work will find that things are not usually much easier. It still takes time for the other designer to create the UI, and even when you describe what you need perfectly, things can get lost in the translation. You might have an interface that you pay for that is nothing like that which you really need. Sometimes, these other designers are late or they might not come through at all.

Today PixelKit shares a freebie from their latest UI kit – En Vogue. Here you will find a PSD file that include 30 elements that would help you create a modern design for an ecommerce oriented website or application. Its contemporary design is very attractive and outstanding.

En Vogue – The Shopping UI Kit


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