Why Should You Contribute and How To Write a Good Guest Post

Any professional web designer should periodically check his preferred blogs to read the latest posts to avoid being outdated; it’s mandatory for this job to be updated to novelties. The web is fantastically growing, and it’s getting harder and harder for designers to keep up with this rhythm. Despite the huge endeavor required to be a modern designer, the reward is pretty motivating. It’s very pleasant to be part of the ones that contribute to the web design evolution and yes, you may be the next one that brings to the market a solution for the many issues existent right now. The web design evolution is dependent on the directions imposed by the great corporations and companies involved in this field, but every one of us is free at least to try to offer his personal contribution. I am pretty sure that none by himself is able to write a new HTML and CSS versions, but for instance a guest post explaining how you resolve a common issue or some best practices to make a better website are handy and don’t need the use of impressive resources. A guest post is a very common thing in web design blogosphere and anyone is welcomed to write one. You want to create one and don’t have any ideas on how to start? You are lucky because here you will find a good algorithm to post your first guest post. Definitely, it isn’t perfect, and you are welcomed to add your personal opinion, the more the better. 

1. Have a clear idea about the subject

The first step in creating a web design article is to be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you really have the knowledge to create something interesting. Personally, I don’t believe that someone that doesn’t have any clue about web design may write an interesting article. On the other hand, someone that is very experienced, no matter his writing skills, will create a post that will delight the readers. Briefly, if you want to have an appreciated post it’s mandatory to be familiarized with the respective domain.

2. Establish an eye-catching title

I am so disappointed when I read the very interesting title of a post, and its content is poorly written and you can’t find out anything new or useful. In spite of that, you shouldn’t choose an uninspired title just to convince people that the content is interesting. A title, no matter how insignificant it may seem (yep, it apparently has no importance if the title is recommended to have 5-7 words and the post has 1000+ words) is capital for the success of a post. It has the role to attract the readers and also to inform the search engine spiders.

3. Do a good research

You may be the best designer but without research, the chances of publishing a boring post are high. Usually, the time spend on research is directly proportionally with the post quality, therefore don’t be avaricious and study the “concurrence”. A good research allows the blogger the knowledge to avoid writing banal tips and to add only original ideas. In order to write a good guest post it’s enough to search in Google terms similar to your title…surely you will find enough posts about it. Conclusion: don’t ignore this step!

4. Clearly delimitate the topic and the paragraphs

Another frequent mistake of the bloggers is the lack of clear separation between paragraphs. It’s a reminiscence of the print, but you should know that the readers’ eyes fatigue quicker when they read from a monitor than reading a book. The recipe of success is simple: usually a blog post is delimited in 5-7 paragraphs that present each one a different idea. You should not go to the other extremity to write 5-7 “mini-posts”- an article containing different ideas. Personally, I try to avoid it by creating a logical enhancement; I strongly recommend it to you.

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5. Effective writing

Now you have in your mind or on a paper a brief outline of your article. This blueprint must be followed, and effective write according to it. There is nothing more to say than good luck!

6. Contact a blog owner and publish the post

Fortunately, the web design blog owners are open and accept to publish others’ opinions. Your post brings no value if it’s not published so you must contact a blog owner to post it. It’s enough to use the contact form of your favorite blog to ask for a guest post. I am sure it won’t take too much until someone will give you a reply and in some days the post will be online. Finally, your ideas are posted, and people start enjoying your thoughts.

7. Promote it and answer to the readers’ questions

You consider, quite probable, that your job is finished…well, almost…but there are still some things to cover. Nowadays, we have tons of blogs that post daily and the web designer community is not too numerous. Your post will pass unnoticed if, at least, you don’t try to promote it via social media, therefore doing your best with it. A sign of respect for your readers is to answer to various questions and requests via a comment form. One must not ignore this aspect. The feedback of the readers is very important, you never know, maybe you want to publish more. In the end, I hope that by reading this post you were convinced that everyone must be engaged in the web design evolution and any opinion is important. What do you think, will you write a guest post?

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