Top 5 Mobile Apps for Your Successful IT Business

Mobile Apps for Your Successful IT Business

Remote work changed the way we communicate and work. To stay afloat in a competitive IT industry, it’s crucial to adapt to new challenges and provide the clients with innovative and relevant solutions. 

If you want to hit the market with eye-catching and user-friendly products, it’s important to be aware of the tools that can help you perform your tasks faster, better, and much easier. To learn more about how to create such products, have a look at the blog post about the top cross-platform tools for mobile development. 

Mobile apps can help you manage your tasks from anywhere. Whether you require a reliable tool for network management, need to connect and run the systems while you’re out of the office, or want to monitor the servers remotely, we have convenient solutions for you. In this article, we’ve handpicked the top 5 mobile apps for IT professionals that can solve any troubles you may face at the workplace. 

Is My Server Online — Monitor Your Servers 

OS: Android 

Price: free 

This app is a life-saver for those who need to track the performance of their servers. The convenient and user-friendly interface of the app allows you to manage as many servers as necessary and track their status (online, offline, timeout, or error). You can also enable an auto-refresh to get notifications of changes and track the status history. 

Using this app, it’s easier to detect and fix any issues as in case of an error or a timeout, you will get a detailed message. As a result, you can manage and maintain your servers from anywhere, stay up to date with any changes and get real-time data. 


OS: iOS, Android

Price: free 

It’s a convenient network toolkit that is able to detect and identify all devices and services running on a certain network. It’s also possible to block unknown devices automatically before they even connect to your network and analyze bandwidth usage. Moreover, with the help of this app, you’ll have access to such advanced info as properties, NetBIOS, and UPnP. 

Fing is a great tool to secure your network because it can detect intruders immediately and notify you of all possible threats. The app provides a high level of device recognition so you can get IP and MAC addresses, device type, and manufacturer in no time. Enhanced speed tests and top-rated providers in your area are also available via Fing. 

Gleeo Time Tracker

OS: Android 

Price: free 

The digital workplace is a new reality now and time management helps the employees stay efficient and hit deadlines while working remotely. The digital workplace market is going to reach $35 billion in 2 years so it’s reasonable that the companies want the employees to manage their time as wisely as possible. 

Gleeo Time Tracker is a perfect tool to track your tasks with minimal effort. The app is extremely intuitive and easy-to-use, you can create dashboards and tasks, track your time, get reports about your productivity, export the records via e-mail or Bluetooth and sync your data with other Android devices. 

You can also share the projects and tasks with other users so this app is a perfect match for the teams. It’s possible to record several tasks simultaneously and analyze data via any spreadsheet program. This app can be a huge help for a business owner to keep an eye on the productivity of the team and assign various tasks to the employees. 


OS: iOS, Android 

Price: free plan;

            professional plan for growing teams ($19 per user/month);

            business plan for the enterprise ($39 per user/month) 

PagerDuty is perfectly suitable for IT businesses to provide customers with the highest level of user experience. It will notify you of any application bugs and issues in real-time so you can fix them ASAP. You can even run some tests and restart servers via the smartphone. 

This app uses machine learning algorithms to provide users with the most relevant and useful recommendations. PagerDuty learns from the previous incidents and optimizes your current operations. The satisfaction of your clients is crucial for a successful business as 86% of consumers are ready to pay more for a perfect customer experience. 


OS: iOS, Android 

Price: free

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The app is completely free and you can use all the premium features without any limits. It’s a splendid way to get insights and boost your IT business! 

As you can see, mobile apps can be a huge help for successful and profitable IT businesses. You can save time, simplify your work processes and stay up to date with your products to keep your customers loyal and satisfied. Just pick the perfect app for the needs of your business and the result won’t keep you waiting!