Get Your Mobile Marketing Stratagem in Order

That cleverly appealing Facebook ad has got our attention, yet again. And we are on our way to buy an unnecessary piece of clothing item.

But, wait, the details are too hard to read, and when we zoom in, we need to go back and forth on the horizontal bar every time we are squinting to read something. And the links are hard to locate and click. While filing our the credit card details, the lack of space is making it arduous to type it in right. Hell, we are done! Let’s look for the same thing at some other website that is easy to access and surf. Let’s look at a website that displays with much more responsiveness on our mobile device and suits the size of the device.

Mobile Marketing Stratagem in Order

The above scenario is what will make any websites manager jittery. When their Smart phone users are navigating way to other sites because the site isn’t that compatible with their device despite the efforts, the companies end up losing a major chunk of their visitors.

In a world that is going mobile and smart, it is only imperative to not just keep up with the drift, but also dominate it. So, for companies looking to go mobile, there are a few approaches and routes they need to take if they wish to establish a strong footing in the market:

Responsiveness is Not an Attribute You Can Ignore

In the mobile market, there is a whole array of options for your customers in terms of the phone they choose to buy. These phones comprise of different operating systems, make and model, different screen size and other specifications. Now, you can’t create a website that works well with all of them. So, you need to check in your site’s analytics what most of your visitors use while surfing your website. You can geta a clear eyed idea of the OS and the devices and browsers they use to access your website and based on that, you can tailor your website to be responsive on those particular specifications. To give your users the right experience, you have to understand technology and how your site plays out on that technology.

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Understand Customer’s Behavior

Understand Customer's Behavior

It does not end with responsiveness. When you are trying to get the most out of the trend of people surfing your website on mobile devices, you also need to keep a close eye on their behavior. Now, surveys have proved that the behavior of visitors on mobile devices is different from that on the desktop. So, if you witness high bounce rates, low page views, low avg. duration per visit, it does not indicate your mobile website has failed. Just keep an eye on the conversion rate. If it remains unaffected or increases, these stats should not bother you at all.

Advertising Has to Be Crisper, Shorter

On their mobile devices, Internet users don’t want to read tons of unnecessary content on how great your company is. What they want to know is what you can do for them. If you wish to impress them by your track record, better include some short testimonials that they can read quickly and move on. Remove all the irrelevant content that is hardly proving to be of any worth to you or to the visitor. Also, the information you deem important about your brand may not be as readable on the Smart phones as you think. Your visitors want shorter, crisper bits of information. Include only the right doses of information that makes the right impact for your brand.

Mobile marketing is an infinitely large element to marketing with a very finite and limited set of ground rules. Stay true to the basics and you might as well strike all the right notes.

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