Four of The Best Resources for Twitter Bootstrap

If you are a developer who is interested in creating web apps and sites using HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks, Twitter Bootstrap may be of interest to you. But in order to help create these platforms, you may be in need of some themes. In this article we will discuss six of the best resources for Twitter Bootstrap so you can have more room to build and get creative.


This site was primarily started to be used as a platform for those developers who are interested in making money from their designs. Wrapbootstrap was launched in February of 2012 and has been becoming more popular ever since. For the average user, you can access free templates or pay anywhere from $5 to $20 for a customized one you may like the look of. For developers, you can upload as many templates for free as you would like to sell and the site takes 35% of every sale you make. There are several usage licenses you can choose to sell with from customized templates designed for one time sales to templates that many users can download and share.


This site is a valuable resource for being able to download easy to install CSS files to replace the one in Bootstrap. Bootstrap themes are open source which means that they are maintained by a community on GitHub and all themes are licensed under Apache 2.0. If you like your current theme but find that it may not be working quite the way you would like, there are swatches that you can download to test out.


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If you are looking for design themes for your clients, you may want to check into this site. specializes in beautiful admin templates and landing pages that are fully functional and packed with features that allow you to customize your own look, add things or keep as the defaults. For a mere $15 or $20 you can have a crisp clear new template for your next project. As a Bootstrap developer, you may have a lot of things to contend with in your business. strives to offer easy to use back end solutions for these developers so they can focus on what needs to be done.


This tool was designed to help the developer to customize various aspects of Bootstrap by using a simple interface. This platform focuses on allowing you to concentrate on the visual, design aspects of your template so you can easily change colors, borders, fonts and more. Once you have tweaked and played around with things until you think you have what you would like, you can go in and see what it looks like through the generator before you download the whole project.

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WordPress Bootstrap

A WordPress theme based on Twitter Bootstrap Are you a hard core WordPress fan? Well, lucky for you, you are not alone. Due to the interest in Twitter Bootstrap but for those who are experienced in WordPress, you can now grab yourself a WordPress theme that has all the same features as Twitter’s Bootstrap. You get a homepage carousel, Bootswatch themes, access to four different page templates, you can easily configure it through the theme options panel, and many more features. Best of all, it’s free!

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