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LogoJust like the other microstock agencies on the internet, Depositphotos also has licenses which are applied to all stock files they sold. This license is a kind of usage policy for the buyers of how they should use the stock files which have been bought from this site.


Depositphotos has two licenses: Standard License and Extended License. The Standard License gives permission to the buyers to use the purchased stock file for the creation of various kinds of items, except items for resale or items for free distribution. Meanwhile, the Extended License can give you that. It allows the buyers to use the purchased stock file for creating items for resale or free distribution where the stock file is very important and has a major role. Here, major role means that the bought stock file is a main, defining, or important part of the item you want to resell or distribute. A major role can increase the value of the item, attract people, and influence customer for this particular item. If you buy a stock file in Standard License, you can only use it as a part (not major) of your item. If you buy a stock file in Extended License you can use it as a major defining part of your item for resale. Buying stock files in Extended License will cost you more money, since you can use it for gaining profits. Therefore, you must think wisely to choose the right license so you can get the right price and you can sell your item in a legal way.


To make it more explicit, here are some examples of the use of licenses. Let’s say that you want to publish a book which needs illustration images in some parts. To cover the illustrations, you buy some stock images from Depositphotos. For this, you can buy only the Standard License, since people will buy your book because of its content, not because of its illustrations. Thus, the stock images that are bought play minor role in this case. Another example is you want to sell a T-shirt with printed picture on it and the picture is bought from Depositphotos. Your potential buyers will mostly buy your shirt because of the picture you printed on the shirt, so the stock image gotten from Depositphotos plays a major role. In this case, you must obviously buy the stock image under the Extended License. For more examples of suitable cases for each license, you can check their stock file license comparison page.

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Sometimes, you can also find stock files with “Editorial Use Only” label. It means that the file cannot be used for advertising or for promotional purposes. You can only use this file for non-commercial setting such as illustrating article, news, blog or website.

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