Death is coming Tribute to Game of Thrones – Parallax Scrolling Website

Death is coming Tribute to Game of Thrones - Parallax Scrolling Website

New York, July 1st, 2014. We tend to avoid the fact that death is lurking for us mortals.But all men must die, affirms the greatest TV addiction of our times, HBO’s Game of Thrones, where no one is safe from the bloody hands of the angel of destruction.Confronting this greatest fear of all – the death of a beloved character – illustrator and designer Sarit Evrani has created a fantasy universe portraying ten characters and ten horrifying deaths, walking the thin line between spoilers and nonsense.

Death is Coming - Graphic Tribute to Game of Thrones

While the parallax scrolling animation website will be live online in its full glory only on July 7th, Evrani’s on-site death preference survey has already attracted the attention ofthe Got community. So far, 80% of participants believe that they will personally go on living for at least 93 more years, and the most popular cause of death is “Too Much Sex.” The second most preferred cause of death is, surprisingly enough, “Surprise Beheading.”


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Death is Coming

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