Building a Website in 2021

Building a Website in 2021

Creating an online face has never been easier, with web builders readily available to take the coding out of web design. Whether you’re creating an e-commerce site or a simple blog, you need to ensure your website is well-crafted and easy to find through search engines. To do this, you can follow the guide below.

Goal Setting

Like any worthwhile project, you need a goal before you dive in. If you’re running a business, you need to pin down the type of website you need. For example, a restaurant website will be different to a personal blog. Everything you do from this point forward will benefit this goal. If you need any further support throughout any of the following, then turn to a professional web design UK business that can complete the task for you.

Choose a Builder

You don’t need to be a coder to build a stunning website because there are plenty of web builders out there. With web builders like WordPress, you can design, edit, and publish an entire website with ease.

Grab a Domain Name


When people visit your website, what will they see in the address bar? You need to buy a domain name that tells people they’re on your site. For example, everyone knows when they are on Google because the address is simple. When your domain name reflects your business, search engines will be thankful.

Arrange Content

You will need to fill your website with original content including articles, images, and videos. When you’re using a builder, you can pick a template to easily structure your website. When sourcing content, you need to prioritise quality over anything else. There’s no point filling your page full of poor content.

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Add Pages

Your website will have several pages that branch off from the homepage. When people land on your website, you need to ensure that they see a well-designed and easy-to-use website. From the homepage, visitors need to know exactly what your brand is about. 

The Design Part

Now you’ve got the content and the layout sorted, you need to design your website. Think about the location of menus, colours, and fonts. Further, you should integrate any tools that allow your business to run. For example, as a hotel, you will need to have an effective booking system available at all times.

Ensure Accessibility and Mobile Functionality

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You need to make sure your site is accessible to those with impairments. There are plenty of SaaS solutions that can translate your page into an accessible format. Further, you should ensure that your web page transposes for use on smartphones.

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Get Feedback, Publish, and Maintain

Once you’ve finished your website, you should get feedback before you go live. You should ask people from a wide demographic including prospective clients. Once you’ve made any necessary edits, you’re ready to go live and start reaping the benefits. However, remember to keep your site maintained and updated regularly.

Web design is important and can be accessed by anyone in 2021. You need to ensure your homepage pops, is accessible, and can be used via smartphone. Everything you do needs to complement your overall goal. 

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