10 Reasons Why WordPress Will Be the Most Popular Platform in 2020

WordPress is a simple and free content management system (CMS) with many features and extensive customization options. It can be used to create any type of website, whether for small businesses or large businesses. Numerous studies and surveys have confirmed that there’s no other CMS that can give you as many benefits as WordPress.

Therefore, if you’re planning to hire a web design company to build a new website, or if you intend to move your current website to another CMS, we recommend that you use the WordPress platform and choose reliable web hosting.

One of them is MySQL hosting: here’s the link to some of the solutions in regard to this type of hosting, which usually comes as a part of shared hosting plans. If you aren’t sure how much of the storage limit do rows and columns of your WordPress website’s MySQL database take up, purchase a suitable package of MySQL hosting that provides substantial or even unlimited disk space.

In this article, we’ll elaborate on what makes WordPress the most popular platform at the moment but also a platform to look for in 2020.

SEO-Friendly Functionality

Search engines are still one of the best sources of getting traffic for any website. A highly ranked web page can bring thousands of visitors to your website. Therefore, the optimization is what almost every website owner cares about. Doing relevant SEO for a web page, technical SEO, or search keywords are the essential things to have greater search ability and visibility of your website. However, just using WordPress puts SEO at the forefront.

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In fact, many claim that WordPress is the best CMS for SEO, and there are good reasons for this claim. Using WordPress alone gives you several advantages in the SEO “game”. Especially with regard to on-page SEO, the platform allows you to keep an eye on many important elements. There are several features that make WordPress the SEO-friendly platform, which actually means to be optimized for conversions:

1) Proper HTML Markup

Although written mostly in PHP, WordPress creates HTML pages that are easy to understand for search engines. The latest generations of themes have already begun to take advantage of HTML5 and the improvements this HTML version brings.

2) SEO-Friendly Permalinks

WordPress comes with the ability to use so-called “pretty” permalinks. This means that links to posts and pages can contain keywords so that search engines and visitors understand what they are about. Of course, you can control the content of the link, which is a great thing when posting pages and articles in WordPress.

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3) Titles Tags and Header Tags

The page title (which is usually wrapped in the h1 tag) is one of the most important parts of on-page SEO. Along with other header tags, it informs Google about the information in your content and gives it structure. WordPress allows you to post all of this without manually writing the required HTML tags.

4) Easy Content Creation

Content has become one of the most powerful tools for displaying your website on search engines. Fortunately, as a former blogging platform, WordPress makes it easy to create high-quality content using a word processor. Posting multimedia content, such as videos and pictures, on the page or in the article also doesn’t pose a problem.

5) Optimized Images

Speaking of images, in addition to adding photos and videos to your content, WordPress editor also allows you to further optimize them with ALT tags, descriptions and more. And these are all standard features that are included with the basic WordPress product. This doesn’t include many of the extremely useful plugins you can place on your website. It’s a really important step to optimize your images.

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6) SEO Optimized Themes

WordPress comes with many additional components that can improve your website’s search engine optimization. One of them is the theme. Thanks to the themes, you can use WordPress to create any kind of presentation of your brand. Whatever your goal is a business website, an online store, or a portfolio website, be sure there’s a theme for whatever niche you’re in.

The themes help in many different ways. First of all, a high-quality theme will ensure that your website correctly displays the HTML tags to cover your technical SEO. Good themes also make your website look professional and appealing. This affects things like the time visitors spend on your website and for how long they stay. Both are marks of quality, or lack of quality, for Google which will have an impact when it comes to search engine optimization of your website.

7) Plenty of SEO Plugins

In addition to WordPress themes and standard features, there are numerous WordPress plugins that further enhance the SEO capabilities of the platform. Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack are two plugins that stand out. However, there are many more plugins offered by WordPress. These plugins enhance certain parts of the WordPress SEO puzzle to make the platform more efficient.

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For example, the aforementioned Yoast SEO gives you a detailed overview of how to improve on-page SEO for each content and also includes tips for SEO writing. In addition, it can handle your robots.txt, XML sitemaps, and many more. WordPress also offers SEO plugins to enhance your images, which integrate your website with external tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

8) Fast Website Load Speed

It is well known by now that Google is keeping an eye on how long websites take to load. This is especially important for websites on mobile phones (use plugins like Jetpack to create a mobile version of your website), so the time it takes a website to appear on the screen is an important indicator of its quality. Anyone who has ever set up a WordPress website will confirm that they load very quickly in their standard configuration. At the same time, it is true that if used improperly, WordPress websites can become really slow. However, if you choose a high-quality theme, use good hosting and follow the most important steps to speed up WordPress, this really shouldn’t be a problem.

9) High-End Security

One of the most common reasons for a position drop of your website on Google is suspicion of spamming, spreading a virus, or otherwise being harmful. Unfortunately, this doesn’t depend on you. Your site can be spammed if hacked by someone because there are groups of people or individuals who lurk to compromise websites that seem vulnerable and use it for their own purposes. If that happens, you may end up with a Google penalty.

Fortunately, WordPress is inherently secure and its security is constantly monitored and improved. The WordPress security team works to keep this factor at the top of the list of priorities and, if a breach is detected, it will immediately send a security update. In addition, you have plenty of security plugins to choose from.

10) Social Sharing Option

Your traffic won’t come just from Google. There are many alternative sources of visitors that will rank high on your website. By this, we mean social media platforms with millions of users. For this reason, it’s a good idea to integrate social sharing on your website. WordPress offers plenty of solutions for this such as Jetpack sharing, Sumo and more. This helps your SEO because search engines take into account signals from social networks when ranking your website. The more people share your content on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, the more it will appear on Google.