Bitesized is your go-to platform for staying up-to-date with the latest news. With AI-powered summaries, you can quickly get an overview of the hottest topics without wasting time on filler content or potential bias. Whether you’re on the go or at home, Bitesized works seamlessly on all your devices through a web browser.

Choose Your Bitesized Edition and Customize Your News Feed

Your briefing, your way. Select your Bitesized Edition to get the news from the regions you care about, and tweak the sources you want to see.

Bitesized offers personalized news experiences tailored to your preferences. By selecting your favorite editions, you’ll have a single timeline that covers all the topics that matter to you. Switch between editions to gain regional perspectives and ensure you’re always well-informed.

Delve Deeper with Bitesized AI

Bitesized strips filler and potential bias out of the news and provides you with the most important details. If a summary piques your curiosity, just ask Bitesized AI for clarification, and it’ll extract the answer from the article in an instant.

While our priority summaries give you quick overviews of numerous stories in one paragraph, Bitesized AI goes even further by removing unnecessary details so that you can focus on what truly matters. If any part of an article leaves you wanting more information, simply ask our intelligent assistant for clarification, and it will promptly provide additional insights.

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Select your Bitesized subscription: Lite or Pro.

Lite – Affordable Access to Essential Features

  • Price: $2.99 per month
  • Article Summaries: Cut to the chase with AI-powered summaries that remove filler and potential political bias.
  • Limited Bitesized For You: Get a personalized timeline with news from two topics that matter to you.

Pro – Enhanced Features for Comprehensive News Coverage

  • Price: $6.99 per month
  • Priority Summaries: Get briefed on the hottest topics at a glance.
  • Article Summaries: Cut to the chase with AI-powered summaries that remove filler and potential political bias.
  • Bitesized’s Editions: Switch between editions to get the regional perspective.
  • Bitesized’s For You: Access a comprehensive news timeline with all the topics that matter to you.
  • In-Depth AI Discussions: Ask up to 1,000 discussion questions per month with AI to get a holistic understanding of current issues.
  • More Public Shares: Share up to 10 intriguing news articles per week with publicly accessible links.
Pricing: $2.99/month