Creating a Dark and Sleek Brochure Design in Photoshop

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  1. jane says:

    that was an easy brochure tutorial. it will be nice if you add some colors in the brochure.

    but well done. thanks

    1. Thanks Jane, you can choose your desired choice of background, it depends on the theme of your design:)

    2. Clipping Mask Asia says:

      Nice brochure tutorial. It will be very helpful for the beginners to start with brochure design.

  2. For brochure design illustrator is the best choice I guess so. As I am not good enough in illustration yet so still struggling hard on designing the brochure. Thank you for clearing the steps here.

  3. William Ben says:

    Beautifully explained tutorial even useful for the beginners.I appreciate the time you have to take and make this professional tutorial.
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