Smartly Choosing a Domain Name


A domain name, as simple and basic as it sounds, may be the determinant factor that decides the success and popularity of a website or its failure and obscurity. A website may have the visual appeal of a unicorn and an effective functionality that rivals no other, yet may still struggle for visitors if its domain name doesn’t have the effective pulling power it needs. The continuous release of domain extensions proves further that those in the know are aware of the role a domain name plays in improving the commercial viability of a website.

Why is a domain name so important?


Why not! A domain name, after all, is the first information internet users get to know about a website. Whether they come across a domain name via a Google search, or receive the information via acquaintances and friends; the primary contacts an internet user usually makes with a website is with its domain name. Remember, internet users are perhaps the least tolerant to any form of inconvenience on the cyber space; so, if a website is engulfed by anomalies like a visually poor design or low-quality performance, and even a very unpleasant domain name, such a website will have to pay the price of its inadequacies by losing the internet visitor’s interest.

Another paramount importance for choosing wisely when it comes to domain names is the role a competently chosen domain name plays in Search Engine Optimization. The infusion of certain keywords into domain names is very vital in optimizing the process of the websites’ ranking on the search engine’s result page.

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With the importance of an effective domain name now explained, the ways by which intelligent and innovative domain names are conceptualized can be discussed.

It’s always about the brand, forget generic

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This should be the first thing considered when coming up with a domain name. Since a domain name is the means through which a company communicates with internet users and its prospective customers, it must be formulated with the company’s brand being an essential component. It is important to understand that a brand-able domain name stands out from its competition, but a generic name is muddled together with other domain names that have the same keywords. Have you ever made a Google search about shoes only to see about five web addresses clustered together…all having generic domain names like best, perfect, etc.; but above all these clustered addresses your gaze catches the sight of a peculiar web address named something like foot The same instances of branded web addresses surpassing the generic variants can be seen across all commercial scopes of the internet, confirming the non-negotiable need to always place brand ahead of all other needs.

How to come up with a brand name


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While one can just formulate a random word that is catchy and appealing like Yahoo, EBay, and Craigslist, a more organized way of creatively fashioning a domain name is to utilize a word with a meaning that is akin to the services of the website being named. This ensures that the website name is not only brand-able but also within the scope of its services.

Only abandon the .com extension for a region-specific extension.


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The rollout of TLDs have continued year in year out without any halt likely to happen in the foreseeable future. One should, however, not get carried away by a fancy new domain extension; TLDs like. coffee, shop, car, shoe etc., will continue to lag behind the common domain extensions that include .com, .net, and .org. The only other extensions that should be considered apart from .com or the other giant two are the region specific .com TLDS,,, etc. One can settle for one of these if it is available for the country where the website business resides. With .com extensions making up about 50% of the total number of websites on the internet, it is unwise to abandon a very potent and effective TLD for a fancy inefficient one.

Concision is better than flowery


When choosing a domain name for a website, though one may want a web address that is flowery in pronunciation, it should never be at the cost of concision. Being concise should be among the first completed objectives of a domain name, and only after it is satisfied should the floweriness of the web address be assessed. This is important because internet users visit several websites every day, and if the domain name of a website is too long they may have troubles remembering the web address when they wish to make future visits.

With millions and millions of domain names still available to be utilized, it’s best that prospective website owners or businesses quickly secure the domain names they have fashioned by registering them promptly. Websites like offer standard domain name registration services for clients wishing to take advantage of available domain names.