Roadmap to Cisco CCIE Security Certification and Getting the Highest Paying Career with Cisco Networking

Cisco is one of the top most companies in the IT sector which provides various certifications to the candidates and CCIE Security certification is the most popular of all. Talking about CCIE Security (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Security) certification precisely, the exam is conducted for the candidates who possess the necessary skills to execute and support immersive network security solutions. For doing this, the individuals seek help of the latest and best industry practices. The final motive of the individuals is to make sure that the environments and the network systems are protected against various modern threats, and security risks.

Next, if we talk about the prior qualifications which are required to enter the certification, we will say that there are not any. No prior training courses and professional qualification is required. You are required to give two exams in order to attain the certification. The first exam is the CCIE Security written available on and the second one is CCIE Security lab exam. You have to be well versed with all the topics of the exam and also you are required to have job experience of 3 to 5 years before you finally attempt for the certification.

  1. 400-251 CCIE Security Written Exam

This written exam is of two hours and the number of questions range between 90-110. The exam has to be attempted by the candidates without the help of any outside reference materials.

  1. CCIE Security Lab Exam v5.0

This is an eight-hour hands-on exam. Within 18 months of passing the CCIE written exam, the student has to go for the CCIE Security lab exam. The most important skill the candidate needs to have for giving the exam is the knowledge of troubleshooting.

CCIE Security as a Career in India – Know the Scope of CCIE

1. It is the most famous when compared with other Cisco & IT certifications

People think; a lot before registering for the CCIE exam though it offers immeasurable scope to them. This is because the complexity level of the exam is enormously high. The IT industry largely requires 5,00,000 CCIE’s more in the country, India. At present, we have only 58,000. Now, with this given figure we all can conclude at what level the salary packages are offered to the students after getting the certification. Isn’t it? Being CCIE certified is not only good in terms of money, but is a matter of respect in the industry.

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2. Excellent salary packages are offered to the students from the very beginning

For a normal graduate in India, things are really hard. They are not paid much as the qualifications that they possess can be obtained easily. But when one is called as CCIE certified, things change for him enormously.

3. Candidates are expected to get promoted easily

As and when compared to CCNA and CCNP candidates, you are likely to get promoted faster if you are CCIE certified. This is because it is assumed by the IT companies that the CCIE certified candidates know about networking in detail. So, they want their project leaders to be from among the CCIE certified.

4. Career opportunities not only within the boundaries of the nation but outside too

If you perceive the long-time desire of working internationally, then sure the CCIE certification is the lottery ticket for you. Already, already more than 10% of the exam clearers are working abroad in the countries including UAE, USA, QATAR and OMAN.

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5. The demand is expected to only grow over the years

The IT Sector already holds a large place in the market. Adding glory to it, more and more companies from all around the world is coming together, integrating and getting connected. And this is the second and the most important reason why the demand for CCIEs is likely to grow over the years. Within the next 5 years, the demand is going to increment 2 times as and when compared to today’s demand. Moreover, the demand for CCIEs is boosting in India as the country is supposed to have the largest young workforce. So, more and more companies from in and around the world are looking for fresh Indian workforce ultimately increasing the demand in the country.

6. Appropriate training imparted to the freshers in the field

When we talk about some years back, there were not enough CCIE certified trainers and setting up of CCIE labs demanded huge investment. But when we look now, things have changed a lot. Now, in India we have a team of qualified professionals providing CCIE training to the candidates. Also, we have the latest training infrastructure for the freshers undoubtedly. The training is imparted to the students from the very beginning means they are made to learn firstly the basics and fundamentals of the certification. After the freshers take the training and complete the certification, handsome salary packages are offered to them.


Now, I think from the above data you all can conclude the basic information about the certification. Next, I want to say that while choosing for the institute to get learning from, be very attentive. You’ll get placed easily if you are able to choose the best and perfect institute for you. Some sources say that with the help of these institutes, nearly 16,500 students have got excellent placement. At last, it’s your career and your dream of doing a fantastic job. Calm down, think properly, take a wise decision and then go for anything.

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