Pre-Built Websites – A Coming Web Design Trend in 2017?

As a freelance web designer, you know how the sector has changed the past few years. And how fast new opportunities are opening for both web designers and freelancers.

Not all that long ago, almost everyone in the workforce worked for someone else. Today, almost 40% of the workforce consists of independent workers. As a freelancing professional, you have more opportunities; but you also have more competition.

You also work hard at improving your products and skills. Not just to keep ahead of the competition, but because you take pride in what you do. You always try to turn out better products in less time by using the most efficient tools at your disposal. An excellent example of efficiency is this multipurpose, responsive WordPress theme with 230+ pre-built websites.

The benefits of using pre-built websites:

–        They save time. Customizing is fast and easy; and smart UX patterns are already present.

–        A working prototype has more to offer than a mockup; another time saver.

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–        230+ Be Theme pre-built websites gives you many options to present to your client. Each has a specific purpose in mind, but each can be customized to suit any purpose.

This newly-launched pre-built website, although destined to a musician, can easily be modified to suit the online needs of any artist.

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  • No coding skills required; a savings of time and effort.
  • Support is super fast; no missed deadlines while waiting (or hoping) for an answer.


15 Examples of Beautifully Crafted Pre-Built Websites

Be’s pre-designed websites cover most clients’ needs, and are easily modified to meet the needs of any others.

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This 1:45 minute video shows how easy it is to install and edit a pre-built website:

A Few Examples

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App 2.  This simple, clear one page pre-built website can inspire you to create an awesome mobile app presentation website. Or a one page website for other purposes as well.

Be Barber 2. This vintage, urban example is destined for a barber who cares about his customers. Simplicity is the watchword here, and lots of whitespace is employed.

Be B&W.  Here is a good example of the use of card-like design. Destined for a photography studio, the design also makes good use of a black and white perspective.

Be Developer2 is a pre-built website that will be perfect for a real estate developer. It has a large header, and a section devoted to company history.

Be Digital. The designers made a careful analysis of the needs of a digital agency before launching this pre-built website. If you have such a client, this is a winner.

Be Ebook is destined for an author, or for yourself if you want to publicize your own e-book. It makes a nice landing page for a client having extra goods to offer.

Be Herbal is destined to an herbal shop. Make a change here and there, and use it for a coffee shop, a tea shop, or whatever. Plenty of atmosphere to work with.

Be Logistics. Some niches, including this one, are served well by combining a flat design with a selection of nicely done icons. This page is lighthearted, yet trustworthy.

Be Minimal is destined to a creative agency, where minimal design is a popular trend. Everything about this site leads up to, and creates, an elegant, yet relaxed atmosphere.

Be Music. This hip-looking pre-build website is for a young audience. The visual portrayal alone almost lets you hear the music. Note the nicely done graphics and choice of colors.

Be Print. This website design makes a print shop look more fresh and dynamic than you would tend to think. Something a client will appreciate. Call to actions are well placed.

Be Snapshot, destined to photographers has a dramatic look that is, at the same time, cool. Inside, excellent use is made of subtle hover effects, giving everything a fine-tuned look.

Be Surveyor offers a straightforward visual approach that transmits transparency and clarity. It also tells a story. Fresh colors complement the classical approach used throughout this pre-built website.

Be Tiles. Destined for a tile shop, a natural stone or ceramic tile company, or perhaps a home furnishings business. The geometric shapes impart a modern look that is also somewhat hip.

Be Training provides a great start for a training business or a personal trainer. It’s easy to customize, and devotes a section to courses, an events calendar, signups, and the like.


Even More Reasons Why Pre-Built Websites Might Become a Trend in 2017

Be Theme’s features are something special:

  • The Muffin Options Panel gives you design options with a capital “O”. If your ability to customize a pre-built website gives you almost an unlimited number of design options to work with, the Options Panel doubles the number. It also serves to keep everything under control as you proceed with your page-building and editing activities.
  • The Muffin Builder is modern, easy, and fast to work with. Its performance has been significantly improved, as has the user interface with its new graphics and color scheme.
  • Be Theme is WooCommerce ready. This multipurpose WP theme will help you build an awesome online shop as easily as any specialty theme can do.
  • WordPress Multilingual ready. You won’t be stuck with 2 or 3 “major languages”. Be Theme is RTL ready as well, and you’ll find the Built-in-Translator comes in more than handy at times.
  • The Layouts Configurator is your tool of choice if you want to start from a blank canvas. Creating a layout is quick and easy, given the grid and header options available to you.
  • 200+ builder items/shortcodes means no coding is necessary. Shortcode enable you to add functionality, as well as the smallest, most intricate details to a web page.
  • The popular Revolution Slider comes with the package, as does the Unlimited Colors feature.


Be Theme users absolutely love it –

This is probably my favorite theme, very easy to install demo content, support is great, and the ease of everything in general is excellent.” – csmithFCEdge

Great product. Exactly as described. The possibilities are endless. Amazing responsive design !” – Stanzack

Just purchased this one beautiful WordPress theme. Absolutely love it! Super flexible, mobile friendly and fast” – dlie89

One of the best themes in the world! Thank you very much for your good work and precious support!” whoalex


The documentation is outstanding, and the same can be said for tech and customer support. The support team is dedicated, extremely competent, and fast on their feet. When they’re not responding to a question or request, they’re waiting for the next one. After all, their main purpose is to help customers.

New Year’s resolutions are rarely kept, but here’s one you won’t have a problem with. If you want 2017 to be your most productive year ever as a freelance web designer, find out everything that Be Theme’s 230+ pre-built websites have to offer.