10 Amazing Plug-ins for WordPress Success

Word Press is used in too many things, one of its most popular use is as a blogging platform; also, Word Press is utilized to quickly develop search engine friendly and user-friendly websites. Lastly, it is important in Content Management System. Developing a large number of Word Press websites is just one of our tasks as a design and marketing agency.

After finishing the launch of our latest Word Press site, we want to share with you ten of the most amazing plug-ins one could not survive without!

Feast your curiosity here:

Getting tired of SPAM?


Is it already annoying those spam mails you get every day? Are you looking for the best plug-in for managing the cascade of spam your blog or websites receive? Then why not try Akismet. This is standardly included with every Word Press installation. Make sure though that you have an API key(available free registration for personal sites) and to enable this plug-in when you allow comments on your posts/pages so that spam workload can easily be managed without checking every single comment.

The Axis: Free Photographic WordPress Theme

Social Plugins

Social Plugins

Do you want to write meta and title tags? Or create update sitemaps and configure robots.txt files? Or getting hyped on to analyze pages that could help totally improve your own optimisation efforts? Are you that one person looking for an SEO tool to do everything for you, with a user friendly design that is hugely powerful and important for all WP installation?
Well,try checking out Word Press SEO – Yoast

Do you want your readers to help you spread the word on your content? Since social media marketing is likely becoming a key part of online marketing strategy, why not use DiggDigg.

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This looks superior and encourages viral social marketing seeding because it has a floating toolbar that includes like and share buttons from Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google +1 and all the best known social sites and networks.

To engage readers with your blog content could quite be a challenge. Facebook Comments for Word Press can easily assist you with that. This can quickly and easily help readers leave comments on your post, page or both.   Also, this is good to get users involved and to get rid of whatever barriers that could deter conversation. Check it here: Facebook Comments 

Are you looking for the one thing that enables you to both automatically link keywords to specific pages, posts or tags and also helps you control no follow attributes and more? This plug-in, SEO Internal Links, can help you. It assists you to make your navigation more effective and aids as well in spreading your visitors around your website. Further, it is very beneficial for your SEO campaign and user experience. Make sure though to set-up and manage this internal links well.

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Product Assistance Plug-ins

Product Assistance Plug-ins

Adding and maintaining an online inventory of products, offering product options or group products could be very hard.  Also, enabling users to easily and swiftly buy your products or services could be pinning and tough. However, with the use of Jigoshop, this will be as easy as eating peanuts. This enables you to easily and quickly add e-commerce functionality to your site without the need of installing cart software. This also helps in further extending the functionality of WordPress developed websites. Questions? Check Jigoshop

Does stuff have to be filled out? Form Plug-in

Contact Form 7

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The trend now is about getting things customized. Even online, contact forms can be customized. If you want this and also looking to help you manage multiple forms and to assist you in limiting the amount of spam communication you receive, Contact Form 7  is for you. It is the most simple and dominant contact form plug-in. By customizing your contacts forms, you could encourage your readers to get involved and in touch in your website.

Get that data! Analytics Plug-ins

Google Analytics ForWordPress –Yoast

Are you curious how many people visit or the number of unique hits your site gets? Or do you want to dig deeper and find out who these visitors are? Try getting and using the power of Google Analytics ForWordPress –Yoast  this top-quality plug-in is from the Yoast team, enabling you to work wiser when creating content and site managing. Another amazing power of this is it can help you track outbound clicks. Just amazing!

Make the site faster! Cache Plug-ins

WP Super Cache

Every one of us dreams of a front page spotlight. Imagine your content getting all the attention in a social media site or of a major new site, isn’t that nice? That is nice but if loads get bigger and your server cannot cope with the produced loads, it can be heart wrenching. This can make your sweat useless. But that won’t happen if you use WP Super Cache. This plug-in serves a static HTML version of your blog page, rather than the demanding PHP script, to unregistered users and also to the ones who have not yet left a comment on your blog. This helps you carry loads better.

Don’t lose your site! Back-up Plug-ins

WordPress Backup To DropBox

Getting your loved content files suddenly erased could be quite devastating, imagine losing those aged blogs and posts that carry with it treasured words. The greater fear is not being able to get these contents back, but with the help of the WordPress Backup To DropBox  plugin, this could be avoided. This could assign a day and time to store remotely your data on DropBox servers.

Friendly notes: Plug-ins is helpful in making websites better. So choose the best type of plug-ins and make sure to use what your websites require.  Always read the reviews!

With the plug-ins above, we hope we were able to help you in optimizing your website.