Responsive and lightweight CSS Frameworks for Creating Websites

Responsive and lightweight CSS Frameworks for Creating Websites

Here’s some responsive and lightweight CSS frameworks that will be useful for building fast websites in 2017.

Responsive and lightweight CSS frameworks do matter a lot when building a website. Use of CSS framework provide you a well head start on any web design project. This is in fact a real-time saver as it make tools available for every web designer they needs while building a website.

You know what the most important and common thing is? Yes, you guess it right. The most imperative quality factor is loading speed as it leaves good, bad or average impact on user. They judge site not just appearance but speed too. It would be irritating to wait for a site to open. So, this point cannot be missed at all.

For that reason, I have piled a list up of the current lightweight CSS frameworks for creating fine-looking, handy, functional and super-fast loading websites.

Here’s the list of lightweight CSS frameworks;


Milligram be responsible for a minimal setup of styles for a fast and clean starting point. This is specially designed for better performance and higher productivity with smaller quantity properties to rearrange or reset result in cleaner code. It’s only 2kb zipped.

mo.js – Motion Graphics Library for the Web

Responsive and lightweight CSS Frameworks


Picnic CSS

The native HTML elements develop a shot in the arm that’s why you don’t need to write presentation classes variegated with your HTML. Picnic is totally modular, so you can easily amend and test each part.

jQuery CDNJS

Responsive and lightweight CSS Frameworks



Avalanche is supple and flexible in the way you can use it effortlessly. It is also very easy to fit avalanche in packages into existing project. This is a framework that facilitate you to modify to meet your needs.

Create Responsive Vertical Timeline with CSS3 & JQuery

Responsive and lightweight CSS Frameworks



Bulma is a fully-responsive and flexible framework that permits you to use the stuff you need. You’ll get all the benefits of Flexbox together with columns and tiles that automatically resize themselves based on their number and viewport.

Gridify Free JQuery Grid Plugin Like Pinterest

Responsive and lightweight CSS Frameworks



Beauter is based on BOL, an experimental Design Methodology which makes Beauter easy to fusion the match. Beauter is a mobile first, responsive and changes most of the default styles to guarantee same performance everywhere. This is available under MIT License which lets you to use, modify and subsidize as you want for free.

Responsive and lightweight CSS Frameworks