Outstanding 101 Creative Numbers Typography by Alexis Persani

Creative Numbers Typography

We are going to share numeric typographic design. You might think what? Numeric typography. Well, it is so. Here’s outstanding 101 creative numbers typography designs.

 These creative numbers typography design is created by Alexis whose preference is typography, illustration and digital art.

Nothing can be made, create and design without passion, intention and encouragement and of course, dedication. It’s all about priorities and preferences that push anyone toward his hobby, passion and profession too.

Alexis is brilliant, dedicated and keen toward work artist who designed these creative numbers typography which is I think difficult to make. It is easy to create a letter but make numeric design flawless and perfect using different effects etc isn’t an easy task to deal with.

I must say Alexis did his best to create these numbers for bringing best result out. Outstanding, marvelous and brilliant work done by artist. Really appreciated and remarkable.

This Dozen Typography Illustration can also be source of inspiration.

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